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  1. In the last couple of weeks, there have been several battles between bulls and bears at the price level of $4,000. In each, bulls have lost the war because after the first attack at the $4,000 level the bears have been able to gain enough strength to push the price back below this critical mark. It is in this essence, that this level has become a very significant level for hodlers and traders alike. Significant for hodlers because it could mean great loss or big profit for them and also significant for traders because it could mean so much profit for them if a few simple steps are strictly followed. First is researching for a good strategy or signal system if you are anything short of an expert trader. That exactly was what I did when I was starting out as a trader when I researched and made contact with Eric Caruso. First, he made sure to know my level of experience and he tailored a mini training on the go for me while I used his signals freely on my demo account. That way I was able to understand reasons for certain actions and reactions in the market which helped me a lot and when I was eventually ready to trade real account still using his system, I was able to easily make a minimum of 300% weekly on my coins. The best thing is the simplicity in employing his patterns and signals in my daily trading. I suggest him for all (ericcaruso66@gmailcom or WhatsApp: +447427159640) that needs to know more about his system and find out how to be consistent in making profit off bitcoins

  2. Matrix ai network (man) is realy a golden pick for now if you see they getting partnership after partnership and not just little ones but big ones and also the mainnet is running there is great tech behind it with a real use case while this token is stil heavy undervalued, if you research about matrix ai network you wil see and found out that they have already a lot of working products/applications now that wil realy excite you

  3. We have a long way to go. The tech-inclined individuals are terrified of Bitcoin. The fact that there are thousands of stories of people permanently losing their coins over dumbs reasons; lost keys, exchange hacks, stolen keys, sending coins to the wrong address, etc. – tells me we have a long LONG way to go. Just yesterday I read a post on Reddit of someone got stolen $80K worth of crypto for downloading a malicious wallet. Until Bitcoin is made "stupid-proof", keep having those wet dreams about banks closing down and mass adoption.

  4. that is assuming a different, more efficient coin takes over. if volume dumps over.  there is no such thing as being too big to fail.  btc has tons of competition. any one of them can take the lead

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