You Bought More Bitcoin? Theo Von Podcast | Iota Partners w/ Jaguar Land Rover

Theo Von Talks Bitcoin | Iota Makes Major Partnership | Market Perspective Follow us on Twitter: Theo Von Podcast …


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  1. This is how stupid you are? Lol… You are only stupid if you think bitcoin is a get rich quick investment or a short term investment… You must know that there has not been 1… Not 1 bitcoin purchase that has held for 4 year or more that is worth less than the purchase price… Not one! This will hold true for anyone who bought in the last bill market if they hold also… Plus it doesn't make bitcoin a scam if someone fomos in and buys high only to sell low… If people understood what they were buying they wouldn't sell so easily!

  2. Couples guys sitting around saying who is responsible for that scam , and he sold me the dream again ,,, 10 years and just a bunch of bs partnerships and no real world use cases lol

  3. Next bitcoin bull run will weed out the weak hands and once their gone and were left with people that can hold or take partial profits we can truly see our investments grow into retirement funds!!

  4. Nice video as always,please people do not make investments in
    TRON BANK,they stoled peoples money,they stolen my money,
    i got answer from admin,players drained the contract,money is gone,
    it was a lock up coins investments,no players at all,it was only 20 trx,please
    be advise,website is still running

  5. The issue is at higher prices the mainstream think they cant afford it!
    My workmates dont know its divisble!
    People want whole assets

  6. Hi I wanted to know if you have jobs or do you do daytrading? I am extremly interested since you and your brother always provide daily videos that provide great information and I am nervous in doig day trading.

  7. The fact that he bought a whole one is huge. It’s exactly what many will do or want to do…and yes it will only intensify at 20k…This next hype cycle will make us laugh at 2017 being called the Great FOMO.

  8. I had ASIC's mining Bitcoin. I made about 40k AUD before the crash. They cost me 20k AUD so I doubled my money how ever since the crash they've done nothing but collect dust in my garage. They've been off ever since.

  9. Unrelated to the video but damn I love being censored. Tried to upload and give credit to the show ZNation for bringing up Bitcoin but I was blocked from doing so. Mass adoption. One censored TV show at a time.

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