YIKES! Watch CNBC Anchor Joe Kernan SLAM Bitcoin Bull Mike Novogratz +Bitcoin’s Future Post Election

CNBC Anchor Joe Kernan EXPLODES On Bitcoin Bull Mike Novogratz! Mike Novogratz Also Shares His Thoughts On Bitcoin‘s Future POST Election.


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  1. Trump is bad for the economy. Why do people still buy into the idea that Republicans are good for the economy and Democrats are bad? Hasn't history shown us since Reagan this isn't the case based on the data?

  2. This moral high ground is exactly why the avg person is voting against them. Since when are the rich and powerfuls wants ever aligned with the avg persons needs?

  3. Will 'orange man bad' ring so significant when the industrial military complex invents a brand new military crisis in the coming year (that trump completely kept out of)?

  4. I voted for Trump I would not ever vote for a non leader like Biden and seems he has been involved in a lot of bad things and I'm being very nice !

  5. Joe is correct. We need to heal but people have to realize without Trump.. more taxes… Stronger China.. more dependence on foreign oil.. unnecessary wars… I don't understand… Character is more important? Our country is in trouble… We need strong america..

  6. Bidens socialist agenda is somehow going to benefit the millionaires/billionaires, no one with money is just trying to give away 50 percent like biden wants, something is fishy. with the multiple millionaires/billionaires endorsing him.

  7. All these people (including myself sometimes) should learn to stop seeing everything as Black and White .. If you are not with me, you are against me.. if you differ from my views, you should go away.. this shit needs to stop – We have to find the nuance and respect. Peace <3

  8. Kernan needs a chill pill. Everyone is entitled for an opinion and Novogratz said nothing that isn't true. Trump is a divisive character and doesn't care apparently about anything besides american economy!

  9. I think his a hypocrite just like trump supporters. Also I think supporting Trump only has one goal in mind and that's kill the economy so they can benefits. Bitcoin is both investment and can also be used as currency. Gold 2.0. Tax cut's and profit over the survivability of your own country is upholding from any stance.

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