Wow! CME Revealed Bitcoin Update! Cardano Interoperability | Tron & BitTorrent Token News! [Crypto]



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  1. Anyone watching whats happening to the youtuber Sunny Decree, I think he just got sued, by some cryptoking Ian Balian for spred dirt on him..Becoz he dont store his keys safely..

  2. I live in Tokyo and the Suica card is used for many things other than just riding the train, including convenience stores which are huge in Japan. With that being said I regularly ask the Japanese about crypto and many do not seem to know what that is. I am located in downtown Tokyo! I feel Japan itself has a mystique of being a very forward tech nation but many stores are still cash only. Just my thoughts

  3. I sold 10,000 XRP a month ago. Bought Binance and increased my ADA. Bought VERGE with the profits I made in BNB. Selling my ADA when it gets to 10c and buying back XRP, at 31 Cents.

  4. Interesting about kucoin and these echange coins… makes sense since there's actually use cases
    I hope you all are investing in other forms of investing stocks, bonds, and of course precious metals. I got into Silver and Gold after the crypto bubble… I lost $90k in bitcoin

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    Happy trading everyone.

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  7. I have bought KCS at $0.38 in mid Febuary and sold it at $0.98 the 19th of March. I have decided to sell it because it was great gain during a bear market. Of course, i was a bit sad when i saw KCS go above $2.00. But, a profit is better than a lost!

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