WOAH?! Canada Just Made an AMAZING Argument for Bitcoin | Best Cryptocurrency News Channel in 2020

Why governments should watch US cryptocurrency news? Because Bitcoin is the peaceful way to OPT OUT!! This is today’s topic! Watch a rep of the Canadian …


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  1. Honestly this kind of situation happens all the time at the parliament. When a politician knows answering a question will make him look bad, he deviates it. I can assure you the same kind of exchanges happens both ways. A quebec "député" has made a statement talking about how Politics are so often slowed down by that type of communication. Politicians are usually more subtle with this in front of publics.

  2. That finance minister is displaying complete contempt of the parliament and people of Canada.
    He should be ridiculed at every opportunity until he answers the question or resigns.
    These are not unreasonable questions to be asked of the finance minister.
    Does he think he is completely unaccountable? He must be held to account!

  3. That "Minister of finance" needs to be stripped from his position and publicly fired & shamed, he can't answer Basic questions about his job that he should know.

  4. The minister of finance appears to be a preprogrammed puppet, obviously dodging the questions with bs, typical-political answers…pathetic and we Canadians shouldn't allow this buffoon to draw a paycheque from us!

  5. Just here for a reminder, a national debt in his currency is not considered as debt. US debt is on US dollar which does not count as debt because Feds controlled how much dollars it need to print. Unless is in debt to other currency’s, it is not debt

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