Will Yearn Finance (YFI) Cryptocurrency Hit $100,000 Per Coin in 2021? WHAT WILL IT TAKE? ?

What is the best cryptocurrency investment for 2021? What is Yearn Finance crypto? Today let’s discuss the price of YFI token and look at its potential explosive …


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  1. Great video. DeFi is the latest tech and is gaining momentum. YFI has the best-most friendly UI and is designed to be automated, taking the manual watching and rebalancing out of the equation. We've already seen the ebbs and flows of the price. Just need a good entry point to accumulate and get 1 whole YFI. Then when explodes….you make the call.

  2. From the observations, YFI crashed along with the major crypto assets during the launch of ETH 2.0 Beacon chain. YFI price heading strongly towards its all-time high of $43,873 and aiming to exceed it very soon.

  3. Hey I just crawled out from under a rock, under a bridge. With the gold coins the kids were chucking at me I bought $100 yfi. Will buy more over time until I got $1k and just hold… Will see how it goes.

  4. Tika of the Palm Beach Group had made some interesting analysis and bullish prediction on YFI, it puts it way HI above BTC, so if this works out the way he says we are in the right track. Good luck!

  5. Do you know what AMAZON did, that's how they (YFI) are moving with efficiency to spread out and dominate the whole thing. SO JUST MULTIPLY AMAZON TIMES BITCOIN SQUARED BY ETHERUEM. $1billion per coin is not too much for this company in time, inflation and future, Besides all that it is ONE OF A KIND AND NEVER BE ANOTHER. King BTC just toppled over because he was just sitting around counting his money, getting fat and wanted to be waited on whilest Prince YFI served the people and worked with them in the field so YFI has inherited all things and even slew ETH in the process.

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