Will Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Trigger the Next Major Cryptocurrency Bull Run? | NFTs Explained

What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? What are the best NFT cryptocurrencies to invest in? Elliot of @EllioTrades Crypto joins us to discuss cryptocurrency


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  1. WAX has the best NFTS. ULTRA will be great soon. The best NFTS for investing in real estate is Cinderbloks going to be leasing through the chintai.?

  2. I liked it when you used to reply to comments back in the day…I guess you are too big now? ?‍♂️ Can we please get an update on Hyprr? You told us to check it out, we did, and now it appears you dont even use it anymore…why is that please? Thanks

  3. Hear me out. Video games. Going back to pokemon yellow, red, and green. But in instead it's the new marvel games. Spiderman, Ironman, and Hulk. Each game has comparable online features so players from spiderman and hulk can play online

    The catch is each games gives you different skins, weapons, skills. And even stories. Allowing players to transfer custom characters or items across games and even platform would sell them more games in the end.

  4. you guys totally missed talking about cryptoart -> superrare, niftygateway, asyncart.. asyncart actually worked together with christies for the first time in history.. digital art / NFTart will make big history in the near future! don´t miss out on that! invest in NFTart and cryptoart!!

  5. Video game NFTs makes so much sense. I play mostly Destiny 2 and I can see so many opportunities for gaming to have in-universe NFTs of many different kinds. What about a marketplace where folks can design their own skins or shaders for community built one-of-a-kind resources. Really cool.

  6. Honestly, I still don't understand what NFTs are. They sound interesting but is not something I can compare to, like DeFi. Anyone can explain me in English please? These technical terms are to "technical" for me lol

  7. VIDT are presenting the use case for NFTs with Company Stocks in the coming weeks, with the first real world organisation to utilise it.

  8. I follow both these channels religiously and I have to admit at an obscene level of stoked at seeing y'all having this conversation

  9. NFT kind of started in a bubble, and is bubbling up the bubble it started on lol I’ve never seen anything like this! Oh, never mind I remembered the ipo bubble lol

  10. I HAVE A QUESTION!!!!!

    So.. COULD NFTs allow for an actual Coin, like a beautifully carved collector coin that looks like the Solid gold B coin similar to the Troy ounce??
    Like nothing would represent the collision of my fathers love for collecting rare old coins and my deep passion and faith in bitcoin… ???

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