Why The Human Protocol (HMT) is a Cryptocurrency on My Radar RIGHT NOW | Cloudflare goes ALL IN!

What is the The Human Protocol (HMT) cryptocurrency? What is hCaptcha and why did Cloudflare go all in??! As the bitcoin price continues to climb, let’s …


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  1. I wonder what this means for BAT… granted I've done zero research before posting this question. I wonder if the two will compete, or coexist. (Since it seems like maybe HMT is more for hosters, whereas BAT is for creators? Like I said, no research before opening my mouth)

  2. It's gonna be a common thing bro ! nice choice have to look into it if I find time

    EFX is the first one I know of, Ivan and UN
    Little wonder KuCoin got hacked eh ? few other interesting things on there and only there (or UniSwap)
    Hopefully badguys got honeypotted

  3. Would this be on your radar if this was not a paid promotion? Don’t think so. Also, you should verbally declare this in addition to a written statement.

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  5. I first heard of HP a few years ago. The tech and idea looked good then. They've been hard at it for a while. Now that they're already gaining adoption it's almost a no brainer. A superior product that rewards users rather than google.

  6. HMT ?Informative but with unstoppable domains building an infrastructure for websites which is I believe decentralised with no ads etc , will this be viable ? In my opinion I don’t think it is ? What’s your thoughts ?

  7. This is going to be huge.
    Incentivised data labelling..people actually getting rewarded for this work now.

    I don't think people realise how big a shift this is.

    They also have a partnership with Ocean Protocol.. Wonder what they are building together.. Excited!

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