Why The Human Protocol (HMT) is a Cryptocurrency on My Radar RIGHT NOW | Cloudflare goes ALL IN!

What is the The Human Protocol (HMT) cryptocurrency? What is hCaptcha and why did Cloudflare go all in??! As the bitcoin price continues to climb, let’s …


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  1. Explain me something ….we all know you are now a bitcoin maximalist….how you can trust you when you talk about altcoin if you not believe anymore in altcoin …..you just want to invest in alts to cash out in btc….you believe in nothing except BTC…..

  2. I wonder what this means for BAT… granted I've done zero research before posting this question. I wonder if the two will compete, or coexist. (Since it seems like maybe HMT is more for hosters, whereas BAT is for creators? Like I said, no research before opening my mouth)

  3. It's gonna be a common thing bro ! nice choice have to look into it if I find time

    EFX is the first one I know of, Ivan and UN
    Little wonder KuCoin got hacked eh ? few other interesting things on there and only there (or UniSwap)
    Hopefully badguys got honeypotted

  4. Would this be on your radar if this was not a paid promotion? Don’t think so. Also, you should verbally declare this in addition to a written statement.

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  6. I first heard of HP a few years ago. The tech and idea looked good then. They've been hard at it for a while. Now that they're already gaining adoption it's almost a no brainer. A superior product that rewards users rather than google.

  7. HMT ?Informative but with unstoppable domains building an infrastructure for websites which is I believe decentralised with no ads etc , will this be viable ? In my opinion I don’t think it is ? What’s your thoughts ?

  8. This is going to be huge.
    Incentivised data labelling..people actually getting rewarded for this work now.

    I don't think people realise how big a shift this is.

    They also have a partnership with Ocean Protocol.. Wonder what they are building together.. Excited!

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