Why NFTs are the BIGGEST Opportunity in Professional Sports | Los Angeles Ram Taylor Rapp

Taylor Rapp, an American football free safety for the Los Angeles Rams (NFL), joins us to talk cryptocurrency in 2021, creating his own NFTs, and to ask us …


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  1. Investing is putting money to get more money back from the asset later. Speculating is looking at what the price is doing regardless of the business. Early retirement is the dream. I refuse to accept that I have to be at the end of my life to enjoy time freedom. Let's hustle to financial independence!

  2. physical cards will be worth even more now because of NFT's. OMI has to prove they can be the KING of this space… wait they've already kinda proven that already but It'll be like Godzilla Vs Kong you have to hedge your bet and like both but OMI would be your favorite!!

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