Why Hasn't The Bitcoin Bull Run Started? [Cryptocurrency Market Theory]

Watch this video to find out my theory on why the marker is stagnant! It’s hard to predict the next few months…it get’s easier to predict the next few years!


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  1. It has started it started last year and the elite have there coins right now the poor and smart are entering positions im still buying fuck yall……..

  2. Cryptos are not going anywhere, they've been too well integrated into the overall financial system.I know the price will run up more, then bleed off and have an extended winter and actually go lower than current lows… Then as it goes higher, All we need to do is invest what we’re holding and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again

  3. It's stagnant because the sheep aren't biting after being bitten badly at the peak – typical bubble behavior. Just history repeating itself. And it will never
    get "easier to predict" – that's a fools belief… no one knows or can predict the future.

  4. man the things ppl will post to make youtube content…Here is some advice ppl, go to the beach, close your cpu, and dont open it again until xmas day…you might have a pair of jocks or you might have a new car

  5. A lot of wealth is created during a recession. Those who have cash reign, and will benefit the most from this fire sale. You have to think like a whale.

  6. That final, dramatic, climactic move is NOT manipulation. It happen routinely in all markets including those too big to even try to manipulate. It is caused by touching stops, or by the fact that a target has been identified ceeating a vacuum to it because traders want to wait for it to be hit before entering or exiting. Then they all agree, time to take action. Whales are not "keeping us in this sideways market". Whales do not all agree on the right timing. There are bullish whales and bearish whales and their sentiment changes constantly. The market is sideways because there is confusion. So the correct trade approach is to scalp (sell the top of the range, buy the bottom of the range – rinse, repeat) until there is a clear breakout, with follow-through.

  7. Hey, tank you for this video. But have you heard of a currency like FuturoCoin? It is supposedly better than BTC. In a sense, it has shorter transactions. BTC lasts 10 minutes, and FTO apparently 4 seconds. Can you believe it? I am curious whether you have invested in this coin. Looks like BTC is not for ordinary players anymore…

  8. It's easier to just swing trade cause we never know when the market will sky rocket it could be like another year when the bull run happens . Just invest an amount you don't mind losing and build from there also don't buy when the market high .I think what people should do is look more towards the smaller cryptos like ripple,stellar, Basic attention token ,electroneum those are small now but will eventually rise up and most manipulated by Bitcoin fluctuating.let face Bitcoin is to high now and the people who profited off of last year's hike is looking to invest in other ventures and will invest only all portion of the wealth in Bitcoin which is not enough.just do research the more knowledge you gain the easier it will be

  9. As a newbie to cryptocurrency I feel like I have gained more insight by going backwards in playlists of top crypto Youtubers. Look at this video again in mid January 2019. The flat, hovering, stagnant market mentioned in this video is either here now at mid to low 3,000s, or like people are currently saying it will go down to 2,000 or lower. Now, I dont mean to toot my own horn, but intellectually I'm carrying a tuba, and here's my take. I watch all the mainstream media very closely, because this is where you will find clues as to what the "big" money is doing. What is the mainstream media currently saying about Cryptocurrencies? The answer is nothing. I saw a panel on Bloomberg from January 2018. They jokingly commented on how it had been a year since they had done this, and even ended the panel discussion by saying, "Maybe we will see you next, maybe." The powerful money is saying "ssssshhhhh go back to sleep" to the everyday man, and "fuck you, get out" to the smaller and middle range holders.

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