Why Does Bitcoin Have Value? | "The Most Disruptive Innovation In Our Lifetime!” Anthony Pompliano

Why does bitcoin have value? Anthony Pompliano, host of the Pomp Podcast. shares why “Triple-Entry Accounting Will Be The Most Disruptive Innovation In Our …


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  1. Good news re the new Litecoin lightening network update ⚡️

    Next Bitcoin shirt partnered Watford FC game ⚽️ from the EPL ??????? against Burnley this Thursday.

  2. Hi guys, these days seeing the boom of the defi tokens I started looking for hidden gems that still hadn't exploded

    I'm talking about low capitalization tokens regarding the defi with an interesting project on paper and still present on a few exchanges

    One of the most interesting that I found is called Etherisc and its DIP token, acronym for Decentralized Insurance Protocol … Apart from the best blockchain startup award they have won in the past, what concerns me is the future … I know that have partnered with Chainlink to release an innovative insurance product at the end of the year and that their first product will be released on the market from 1st July, developed with companies such as Aon, Oxfam, Generali … what I ask is if you have news more about it to give me. Thank you

  3. It's interesting to hear him say "there's only going to be one currency" because a lot of other people I'm listening to now are saying the opposite. That we're headed toward a world where the monolithic one currency to rule them all doesn't exist (e.g. no single global reserve currency, even if we move away from USD). Where you can choose different currencies based on where you are physically located (digitalized national currencies) or based on what digital community ecosystem you are part of (e.g. Libra Zuckbucks, etc) and what those are using. A world where it's easier to move your treasure between currencies because lots of trading pairs are available. I'm not saying either view is right, I'm just noticing that this is a big divide in the crypto space where people don't necessarily agree on where things are headed. It's a sub-topic I'd really like to hear more thoughts on from more sources in the space.

  4. Great information the b,ockchzin is the future as we all know it is I'm very excited for BITCOIN and Digibyte both are decentralised and Digibyte was just listed on Binace

  5. With all the respect to Pompliano i think BTC its going to be' store of value but not a currency at all enstead other cryptos can do that even better faster and Cheaper and we already have few arownd! This Manila because diversification its good for the market sale as you hold other cryptos then BTC right?! like we have$€£¥ecc ecc otherwise what a boring world would be'!!!plus BTC even ment to be' decentralized and for the people already lost that due to banks and institutions owning 60/70 % of BTC in circulation and this is easily prove by the ruggine of the market makers diving the price up and down as they please! So diversification its cruciale for markets It more so for the economy ! Plus there is already a new BTC in the making that will detrone the first one with better technology and features!!! Like blockbuster didnt foreseen the coming of Netflix !!!!

  6. A 99% allocation in BTC signals there is no investment opportunity in the Block Chain Technology aspect. However, BLOCK CHAIN technology is supposed to be the investment opportunity of a LIFETIME. The biggest advancement since the internet. Well selected plays like Chain LINK could outperform BTC by 1000%-3000%. Doing some research on say Chain LINK smart contract technology. They are working with fortune 500 companies that will be using their technology to analyze contracts worth millions… they are in bed with investment banks and just about every company in Silicon Valley and worldwide technology companies. They are partnered with investment banks like Fidelity Digital Assets who will be using Chain LINK to analyze 200M to Billion in derivatives. They are decentralized. Do they hold the majority on their tokens? YES… But so did Bill Gates! Did that make Microsoft a bad investment? Bill Gates would be richer today if he had just held all his stock. Having reserve tokens is not bad… they need added tokens to operate. How else can they reward the node operators and ultimately holders with staking. If you are going to be around for next 100 years you can not throw all your tokens into the open market and call it a day, you need to constantly improve to create more value. I do not agree with people who think this whole Block Chain movement is all about BTC. That is pure tunnel vision and perhaps a herd mentality. I love Tone Vays too, but he promotes this similar tunnel vision about BTC. I do not think there is going to a single winner in this technology space and if anyone who thinks that is the case will miss numerous opportunities. Here is a recent block chain token example that is not well known but outperformed BTC… Atomic Wallet Token was .15 cents a years ago. They just started staking at 20% in their wallet recently and it is now over .60 cents. Their wallet is fabulous and pays cash back to swap, plus +20% staking. That is 400% gain in a year and they have tiny float of tokens. And that is just one example of many, there will 100's of tokens that will have success. Thinking BTC is the only player is like saying Gold is the only way to go or that Apple stock is the only way to go. I always scratch my head with the single lane thought process… I guess we can call it a BTC cult. Having an open mind by doing real research will allow people not to miss the blockchain technology aspect of this space. On a balanced stock portfolio they talk about having no more than say 5%-10% of any one stock in your portfolio. Going in all BTC is saying you do not believe in Block Chain technology which makes no sense to me. They say Block Chain technology is the biggest investment opportunity since the internet. If I am hearing people like Tone and Anthony who only have one play which is investing in a single coin (BTC) that could essentially be considered extremely outdated in 10 years because nobody will be improving the network. Call me crazy… but that is like only investing in AOL back in 1990. Then look forward to today… we have a tiny company called Google that started in a garage. They come along and everyone forgot about AOL. Why? Because they solved the problem better and continued to improve their technology. Does BTC solve the entire problem to suffice all Block Chain needs? Not even close. We have a long road ahead in this space. There will be many great companies and Cryptos to succeed. Otherwise there would be no volume or market caps in all the rest of the cryptos. They often say that everything besides BTC is shtcoin and will go to zero but the volumes and price increases say something very different. Their news reports and partnerships also sing a different tune as well. Chain LINK has outperformed BTC the last few years and that is not the only one. I still like BTC as store of value, but the technology could be a dinosaur in a decade. Look how fast technology has grown in the last decade. Will BTC be the biggest growth story in 5 years, we shall see.

  7. Confusion re. Michelangelo vs Da Vinci, and his made up version of "triple entry accounting" which as originally created has no relation to blockchain and is so complex it hasn't been adopted by anyone unlike double-entry accounting… ?

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