Alright Altcoin Daily Team, There is blood in the street…but Bitcoin is here to stay. Let me share with you why. Link to Bitcoin/Lindy Chart: …


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  1. Wax, Populous, Ravencoin, Litecoin, Digibyte, EOS, Ethereum, Monero and maybe Omisego. I'm convinced these can survive any crash. Even if they drop to zero they gonna bounce back somehow.

  2. in early January almost everyone was talking about the moon and looked what happened, now we are moving to the other direction where the masses of sheep think we are going to zero, give this 2 or 3 more weeks of bleeding and this will reverse before you are all ready

  3. Fuck this…. al coins have jewish logos.. and 1700 different coins just dropped 20% because of no reason a week ago this happend also!! This shit is rigged! I lost 50% in 2 weeks in a entire portofolio spreading over 23 different coins including bitcoin

    So now the question to ALL investers…

    WHERE did that 20% weeklydrops come from?? Who is cashing that out of the market!?? It sure didn't dissapear into thin air!

    Not finding anwser on internet so far,only buy buy buy info… like always. Starts to smell like propagenda to me….

  4. hola  gracias for your very high Energythe Inter-net and Cell phones .of course all of the amazing within the advancement of and within technologies will be around,Forsure BITCOIN falls within thisgracias STICKS WIZZARD DRAGON

  5. This volatile market has only gone down for months ,volatility works both ways ,dont be surprised if we suddenly boom .This market is very small and can easily shoot up as we have seen before.

  6. Bull Run is coming I am buying in every single day – good buy to my opinion now is Steem – and Steem is also here to stay as they are the only crypto that has working projects and real usecase so as community.

  7. No doubt that we will all remember this period in the not yet bright future of cryptos. You win only if you play and accept/understand the risks, reward ahead for the believers.

  8. As a fairly enlightened trader I never had to do more than HODL my bitcoins which isn't too profitable as dip in prices can adversely affect value. It was made known to me by Hurley Jordan that it was possible to trade or invest your coins to make instantaneous gains without having to wait for rise or dip in prices. I currently earn good profits investing my bitcoin and ALT coins with his system

  9. today has felt like we are at or very very close to capitulation at least as far as alts are concerned. your thoughts?
    id also love to see you do a video about capitulation showing how it happens in other markets, .com etc

  10. May be not the Lindy effect which make me confident on the future of Cryptocurrencies ; what make me confident is the regularity of this pattern: again and again Doubt and fear spread out in dips, Greed and overoptimism spread out in peaks and this time no difference; as the strategy is to buy and hold for at least 6-12 months I see this dips as a very good buy opportunity; if you buy when every body buying and confident; then you bought too late

  11. Great vid! BTC is slowly becoming the store of value, safe haven for our dying fiat. Time is what it needs. Liquidity is moving in and will stabilize the volatility. Atomic swaps, LN and better infrastructure will bring it to where it needs to be.

  12. Hey! Thanks for the videos. What banking institution would you recommend to deposit money into coinbase? US bank blocks it as of now.

  13. Hey man. I just want to say after watching nearly all your videos you are in my opinion one of the top channels for Crypto on YouTube. Your videos are full of interesting insight and I really like the fact that you talk about facts and invoke though rather than just trying to push various alt coins on your viewers for your own gain. Keep up the good work guys. Support from the United Kingdom!

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