Why Bitcoin is Better than Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Nano | Anthony Pompliano Cryptocurrency in 2020

Is Litecoin better than Bitcoin? What’s the difference between bitcoin and bitcoin cash? Anthony Pompliano, host of the Pomp Podcast, shares his view on bitcoin


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  1. Wasn't Segwit / Lightning network tested first with litecoin? I like litecoin because its the test vehicle for bitcoin (with a few more attributes that is). I know that bitcoin core group programmers also work directly hand in hand with litecoin / bitcoin. I feel like these conversations are always missing from these guys.

  2. Taxes.
    Although taxation is theft, if you don’t pay them – or even if you do – the government can get you & your Bitcoin by tracing the latter back to you …
    I’m a Bitcoin fan but I worry about it’s transparency which MAKES IT VERY INSECURE. !!!
    BTW I really like your short clips ….. thanks, Altcoin Daily

  3. Hello friend, I would like to mention a very interesting project and I think it is related to your video, since I think this summer will take off to a great extent. Velas / VLX is a solid project. Technology pioneer in artificial intuition; advance the artificial intelligence system added to your blockchain In the near future, it seeks to develop products such as vortexes that serve for fully decentralized multimedia storage, It is like a self-learning neural network. Where you will take action on your behalf, under surveillance, and have other decentralized AI oversight actions to make sure everyone is honest and that everything is acting as it should, you have good capitalization and market volume, and that's because investors They believe in it because of the good ways to bet on the candles web wallet and future services like Velosphere and Vortex. Could you make a video about # VLX velas?

  4. Any monetary system has to have savers and spenders. Litecoin was designed to complement Bitcoin for smaller faster transactions in a secure manner.

    As such it’s faster both on chain, and off chain on ramp to the lightening network,. It’s also secure, though not as secure as Bitcoin. Hence it’s designed as ‘Silver’ to Bitcoin’s ‘Gold’.

    Good clip ?

  5. BTC is the largest Cryptocurrency that has ever existed, that is very true and must be recognized, however there are projects that have had a new course, and this is reflected in the success and strength of the market, recently in the AMA's presented by Alexander Alexandrov has answered something very interesting about his current project VELAS (VLX), which is already considered the first Blockchain Rust based on Open Ethereum and a dynamic consensus, betting on AI "Artificial Intuicuion", being this something more than merging artificial intelligence with the learning. On the other hand, the VLX network has the capacity and sufficient resources to carry out transactions per seconds without compromising the security of any data, IA can perform the previous validations and order and redirect the flow of transactions to the node that will place it in the most block. fast and in conclusion this would improve confirmations at the usual speed. AI knows the fastest and most secure way for blockchain and how to accelerate this speed by optimizing validation and distribution. Finally, I have highlighted this because VELAS has adopted incredible technology and this is great.

  6. The US dollar was originally silver ?. His point still stands though it was originally and to some degree still is backed with gold.

  7. I believe in a world of multiple cryptocurrency consensus algorithms, so we do not rely so heavily on a single network (i.e. Bitcoin, however I do like Bitcoin too!). This ultimately reduces the risk and should help build a more stable ecosystem. To that end, I just wanted to say that Nano does priorities security and immutability first, but does it in a way that still enables fast transactions over a decentralised network (that will become more decentralised over time https://medium.com/@clemahieu/emergent-centralization-due-to-economies-of-scale-83cc85a7cbef). A common motto in the Nano community is do one thing and do it well, meaning laser focus on making it the most secure, robust and flexible protocol on layer one. It has transaction prioritisation dependant on the amount of POW done to enable you to compute a tiny bit more than a million spam transactions. Nano also has a network wide difficulty that changes based on the network activity, so it will adjust based on the usage on chain to best utilise the nodes deciding consensus on the network and maintain operation. I also look forward to the memory hard POW that is being researched, which is more expensive to scale and makes for a more resilient network. You can view network node information here https://mynano.ninja/ https://repnode.org/ https://nanocrawler.cc/network if you're interested in doing some research!

  8. you can have NANO or Batcoif LOL mark my words, it 20 years btc will be seen as one of the biggest pump and dumps in history, it was fine when it came out but now it's clearly outdate and falling behind.

  9. NANO is simple: it works really well as a free, instant, green payment crypto. Nothing shiny or sexy about it. It just works for that a lot better than others and especially btc.

  10. It seems to me that it is possible that Bitcoin is too secure in the sense that it wastes energy and is expensive in order to have ultra high security. As we more forward in time the other cryptos are proving their security and the question will be increasing asked, "Well if they are secure, and faster and cheaper, less wasteful, why am I holding BTC?" Don't get me wrong. I hold like 60% BTC, but bitcoin maximilism seems extrememly unlikely to me. Is there an empirical basis for his suggesting that only BTC could survive a government attack? How is security measured, other than time existing?

  11. he said that all other cryptos with layer-2 scalling solutions are shit, but somehow forgot to mention that NANO is layer-1 which is infinitely scalable

  12. What is this security for? An useless thing like Bitcoin? I respect the innovation but sorry to say that can't be used for anything at all. It was supposed to be a currency but it is a complete failure. Now people are putting money because of the hype around. Don't forget gold has certain other characteristics besides limited supply. And no other metal has those characteristics. And gold have lot of use cases too. They are being used in almost all mobile or computer chips. I don't own any crypto but I have tried many coins. By far Nano beats every other currency out there. So, store of value – still gold. Currency – Nano may be able to take place. And who cares about layer 1 or 2? It has to be usable after all (even it is in layer 10). Correct me if I am wrong.

  13. He's got a point. Still can't support btc though. Ecologically speaking, it's a humanity noose.
    I'll go with nano and rely on decentralisation and self interest as security. If I go down with that ship… so be it.

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