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  1. BNB is one of the few that are actually making big money in this blockchain world. Hence, it's a no brainer that this token will go to 100 dollars in the next run. Then BTC has a large network of users, another no brainer. DASH could do well because they actually have a working eco system, they have a big network of businesses supporting DASH for payments. Stellar is another one that is actually being used that will increase it's price. VeChain, again another company that is actually making money selling their block chain for anti counterfeit and has major network growth. All good picks. Last pick for me would be EOS, they're doing really well and better than Ethereum these days.

  2. So I come away with the thought that we're all holding a bag of shitcoins (XVG,AION,ENJ, for me) and all of us are mostly into hodling BTC. Got it !

  3. Dudes. It’s so great to have you on the other side of the camera. You two look EXACTLY like I thought you would. Thanks a bunch, handsome gents ?

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