When To Take Profits On Bitcoin! My Personal Strategy | Brian Harrington Bitcoin Meetup Organizer

OC Bitcoin Network Lead Organizer Brian Harrington Speaks On When To Take Profits On Bitcoin & His Personal Strategy. For More Information Or To Attend A …


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  1. that wasent very helpful at all when to take profit im sure their are people like me with a small amount want to sell right time then buy back might have half a coin one day

  2. Unless you want to buy land or a mansion, never sell it. Why? Because there isn't any other asset out there that can grow at the rate of bitcoin, so what would you do after converting into dollars or any other currency?

  3. Doesn't make any sense to me. Taking profits in USD doesnt mean you have to hold the USD. The wise investor doesnt simply take a profit but rebalances his portfolio according to risk. When your btc position goes 10x, 20x, 50x while the rest stays at 1-5x you are massively overexposed towards one asset which skews your risk into unfavorable territory. What you should ask yourself is not when to take profits, but when and how to rebalance. What if bitcoin rises in an strictly asset-inflationary environment, which assets could you move parts of your profits to? What if we have serious CPI-inflation coupled with asset inflation, how to rebalance then? What if we have a deflationary environment the next couple of years and bitcoin rises nontheless, how would you balance your portfolio?
    So..yeah, taking profits is a nice question but it's also a sort of wrong idea/phrasing from an investment perspective. If all other assets within my portfolio rise for one reason or the other the same as bitcoin does, why would I "take profits" aka rebalance? There is nothing to rebalance then, except inceasing my cash position which a simple mind could phrase as "cashing out" because you sell an asset and stay in cash but its much more than simply "taking a profit". Its actively rebalancing my portfolio when I feel the macro economic environment favors cash.
    Appreciate your content! Greetings!

  4. ???? Don't care what anyone says, I'm a Bitcoin believer for the next 30 years… but if we go from $100k to $320k in the span of 8 weeks, and the Bitcoin ETF is launching then.. I am exiting back into Fiat (USDC // Dai // Fiat ))

    I love Bitcoin and Ethereum and Crypto… but I'm not watching my net worth go up 100x in 12 months and not doing something about it when we know how the cycles play out. Selling between $200k-400k (wherever it stops) and buying back in between $50k-100k ready for the 2024 halvening cycle

  5. It's easy to say that when one has thousands of btc and life is set already. When one has the basic items in life such: (Roof, transportation, food, clothing, health…) Money won't be a problem, so having more btc or fiat don't make any difference.

  6. The Chinese government intends to make a huge investment in very cheap altcoins as spock, seele, to sell them after a 100-fold increase in price, and to return the money to the treasury, thus earning a huge income.@altcoinnews

  7. I only sell in the hopes of buying back in at a lower price but that hasn’t been working too well, and holding alts at the wrong time makes matters worse, slowly watching my BTC dwindle away.

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