When Bitcoin's Price Goes Parabolic ($100k+)..What is the FIRST Thing You Buy? [Asking People]

Like. Comment. Subscribe. Which Crypto is YOUR BIGGEST GAMBLE? [ASKING PEOPLE] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipFNmuyJvZI What is the ONE …


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  1. If it goes 100k in a short time I would be extremely worried, I would personally sell it before it reaches that value.
    Possibly I would open short positions on it

  2. this is actually a very interesting case study.. The bitcoiners tend to have 1 characteristic.. one that is focused on saving and accumulating wealth. This is what i would call "smart money"… also fud tv guy needs a new gf.. first she misses the doge joke then $8m houses. get outta here!

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