When Bitcoin Drops I Will Buy! Bitcoin Whales Have Been In HEAVY ACCUMULATION For Over 2 Years! ?

Bitcoin Whales (addresses with OVER 1000 Bitcoin OR MORE) Have Been In HEAVY ACCUMULATION Over The Past 2 Years. Historically this has been …


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  1. Not sure which alt to buy? Buy mHLX. Take it from me – you will be satisfied with the result in the end of the year. Im not persuading anyone to buy mHLX but it is super tech advanced project, an improved version of IOTA frankly speaking. If you dont buy it now when it is still in stealth mode i believe you will be buying it when it crosses 5$

  2. Hi guys, these days seeing the boom of the defi tokens I started looking for hidden gems that still hadn't exploded
    I'm talking about low capitalization tokens regarding the defi with an interesting project on paper and still present on a few exchanges
    One of the most interesting that I found is called Etherisc and its DIP token, acronym for Decentralized Insurance Protocol … Apart from the best blockchain startup award they have won in the past, what concerns me is the future … I know that have partnered with Chainlink to release an innovative insurance product at the end of the year and that their first product will be released on the market from 1st July, developed with companies such as Aon, Oxfam, Generali … what I ask is if you have news more about it to give me. Thank you

  3. There is no body who has done a short -term prediction correctly ever. Still they have the balls to come back again with a new prediction.

  4. Hi everyone, I’m new to crypto but fully believe in the transition to it. Most of the videos are months old in regards to the best platforms to buy it through. Any tips would be much appreciated for a new guy like me.

  5. Assuming Miners keep little inventory and the BTC production rate is now 1/2 of before… SHOULDN'T outflows fall!???

  6. I love you bro, but you made 1 rare mistake with this info. The dip in the miner outflow (mysteriously cut in half) was because they are getting half as much block rewards now since mid May; aka the halvening.

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