What YOU NEED To Hear About BITCOIN! [Cryptocurrency Perspective & Motivation]

Watch this video! There is nothing wrong with a little Bitcoin Perspective & Motivation. This is a journey my friends! It’s not gonna happen tomorrow, but get ready …


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  1. Great video again. But tell me if the BIG money is already buying OTC Btc why isnt the price increasing ? Can the Btc price be different in different platforms ? Will retail investors be crushed while whales make huge profits ? Thanks !

  2. I like how you put things because people never bother to do any of their own research. I check at least 5 sources to see if the story rings true factually then take my time to take notes.

  3. "Bitcoin will be making a move any day now… IF THERE IS A MOVEMENT…" Of course there'll be a movement. We all need crystal balls (and big titanium ones) to HODL when we should, and to sell when it's smart, not when we're scared. We'll see BTC at $4K again. And we'll see it at $40K. It's hard to remember day by day, minute by minute, that we're in a marathon, not a sprint. I think I stole that from another channel. Oh well. It's true. Success comes from making lots of small good choices in a row: seldom from making one giant GREAT choice.

  4. In stock markets all fundamentals indicate a collapse despite recent price levels; In Cryptos all fundamentals indicate a big rally despite price levels; Fundamentals always prevail and price levels will inverse; following your channel is important to be updated in Cryptos fundamentals .

  5. Wow! You're sportin' some serious 'tude this morning! That was a fun video, but also spot on. Investing is not for the faint of heart, nor those who lack patience. Prices ebb and flow, so like Kenny Rogers said, "Know when to [hodl] 'em, know when to fold 'em." Thanks for today's great video reminding us about the importance of timing!

  6. Riding the wave up taking some profits not loosing it all and still above break even. Did some FOMO and freak out gave back some gains felt it all learned how it all works, priceless! Continued my learning thru this down trend. Now stalking my prey so many 10,20,30x gains to reach just at the previous ATH. Then where will it go sky is the limit. When we hear weakness in the dollar the flood gates will open wide and BTC will launch into the stratosphere making unsustainable gains while the greedy buy in for the REKTing with out understanding to be the future bag holders.

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