What Sets Bakkt Apart? CFTC Regulate? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

Quick Video! Answering two question. 1) What sets Bakkt apart in the digital asset space? 2) Does Bakkt have to worry about CFTC regulations? Subscribe to …


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  2. Buy bitcoin now. Hodl until the end of the year. Thanks for keepin us updated.

    heard today on the radio US government is trying to watch the movement of fentanyl. Could be a great use for vechain or other supply chain crypto. (I don’t know how to tell them that though without sounding like an idiot….)

    They were also talking about how the market crash and subsequent bailouts were made illegal in 2009, meaning big money would roll into crypto with a market crash.

  3. I do appreciate all the info from all the different channels. What i fear is that soooo much talk about these products coming out for soooo long has somewhat numbed everyone to it. People in this space are not really moved anymore by the news. Being disillusioned, numbed out, and general apathy are the order of the day.

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