What Now? | Bitcoin Market Analysis | WARNING: Only My Opinion [Crypto News]

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  1. I watched the “ is the bottom in video “ loved it. Smart people talking BTC, nothing better. Thanks keep up the good work. Also thanks for the Bob L video. 4 year cycle ??

  2. i jumped into BTC at the $5,100 mark because of the reversal. however the reason i consider this a reversal and not a dead cat bounce is because of the AROON indicator, (trend indicator). On the weekly chart, the AROON has gone 100 green. the entire year of 2018 AROON had red dominance. the aroon indicator is a great tool and i recommend it.

  3. Let me en light a little about the Brazil Real Situation. You are the second Chanel that I watched today that has brought up the BTC price "phenomena" in Brazil. What I can tell after heard both analysis, is that something came to my mind, as a Native of Brazil, I can tell you from my perspective, WE ARE NOT VENEZUELA(in all aspects), far from it, Most of the Brazilian Population, has no idea what BTC is, and even some friends that I talk to, don't believe in BTC, nor do understand the idea or the tech behind it, I am talking about Bright and Educated People. We just elected a new President, which is steering the country in to a new era, two of his main campaign promises that got him elected were, END to Corruption and END to endemic Urban Violence the country went through the past 16 plus years.
    So my conclusion after heard about this rise in BTC price in Brazil as well purchase volume, is that a lot of the old politicians and Business Groups with ties to that old way of doing business, we call the "old politics", are probably receiving advice/consulting/ from the more "modern' ones and making sure that all that stolen capital is been hidden and leaving the country through crypto, as of now, just sending to the Swiss Accounts is not that simple anymore, our Secretary of Justice is one of the toughest Judges that the Country has ever seen, he was in charge of the so called "Car Wash" corruption scandal, that sent former President Lula to Jail.
    That is my analyses of why BTC is on the rise in Brazil, some people and groups are trying to get away with what is left of their pillage gains, that is still in Brazilian Territory.

  4. I wouldn't mind seeing more content about the downsides of Bitcoin and Altcoins as if you really want to provide information to subscribers and also be a wiser investor, then you can't just provide content that aims to promote these coins. You are doing us a disservice by doing so. There are a lot of downsides to Cryptocurrency and I understand that would be difficult to produce content on but as an investor you really should be looking at things from an independent unbiased perspective. Maybe if you are heavily invested in Crypto and acting as a shill then that makes it hard to produce content from a balanced perspective. Its not just you of course as most of the Crypto channels are the same. There is still some good content here.

  5. Yay for new subscribers! Waiting for the 100k so you guys do your twin face reveal video. Waiting to see if you are identical twins or one guy with mulitiple personalities. JK. ? Happy Easter and thanks for the video.??

  6. You don't need to be a profit to see the writing on the wall. IMO, it's not a matter of "if" but "when." I remember years ago being so excited that bitcoin was even mentioned on the news, that I taped it to show anyone who came over for almost a year! lol Now I see it talked about almost every day. It's such a huge paradigm shift in how society views banking and investments, I'm actually shocked to see how quickly it's spread all over the world. To see a huge leap forward, people need to start using cryptos to purchase goods whenever possible. I keep my investments separate, but use cash to buy cryptos to purchase something whenever possible. A lot of places will offer you at least a 10% discount just for using it. If they don't offer it, ask. More times then not, they'll give it.

  7. Hi would you mind checking put pascal coin and do u think i should be invested in it? I think i just found myself a gem, but need an advice , would be great if u check it out and reply

  8. Someone please explain to me why Bitcoin should go higher? Its old technology compared to other crypto, it takes up to 4 days to transfer money using bitcoin, its slow and not as secure as other crypto technology. It is the original though, so could it be for sentimental reasons it maintains a high price?

  9. Awesome content bro! I would like to know why u don't think binance coin is "not a great investment", because I disagree, mainly because after 23 april it will have its own token, wich means its $3 billion BNB Coin that currently runs on the Ethereum will be transferred to BNB. I'm not "hating" on what u said or anything, just would like to hear your thoughts on that. Keep up this great content and happy easter!

  10. People still get to emotional, good traders are patient, buy at the bottom, take advantage of the dips, trade with the trend, there is no money in flat markets, what goes up will come down and what goes down will go up, plan your trades and work your plan, never get emotional about trades. TA gives you insight and time gives you knowledge, practice give you experience. If trading was cut and dry or a get rich quick and easy scam then every one would be doing it. It is not so bad to be wrong some times and make mistakes, that is how we learn. Invest wisely and never chase your trades let them come to you. With speculation comes hope. Remember you will never loose money when the market goes down only when you get emotional and sell. There are people out there that bought on the high of the last bull run but are patiently hodL ing , accumulating and waiting for the tide to turn and it will. For the new people HODL means Hold On for Dear Life.

  11. Hi Austin screw those who get annoyed at you, you provide a free service, your info is top, and you never try to sell anything to your audience, well it does,nt get any more honest than that, in my opinion, keep it up bro, you and your brother ROCK""

  12. One of the most important channels with great content. Tnx. I am still holding all my portfolio in tether. Market is still bearish. I ain't gonna let whales fool me again.

  13. Wow man, how come I didn't find your video's earlier. Great value content. Almost as good as mine haha ?? 
    BTW, did you see the analysis of PlanB, 1000trillonman on Twitter? Think you'll love his analysis.

  14. Hahahahahaha first of all' i like the end of this video… i had a good laugh. Thanks for the video! And i got into bitcoin a year ago, and i hope it will be my golden ticket aswell. Its my only chance

  15. I have a question. Im from germany. I bought coins on coinbase, but their fees are just stupidly high. Any good sites where i can cashout my coins without paying soo much high fees. Paypal would be cool.

  16. im buying in now but hey not like i can wait with the amazon announcement even a noob like me can see this thing is about to get huge exposure millions of people buying in and I doubt it will drop low again after this amazon boom. Amazon gives btc legitimate real world functionality for the masses.

  17. Glad to see this channel this person is giving his analysis on reasons and true logic .. please suggest me some under rated future sleeping giant to buy.. thank u

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