What is the Best Cryptocurrency Wallet in 2020? | nGrave Crypto Wallet Review

The nGrave Zero is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet that claims to be the SAFEST crypto wallet in the world. Today we take a sponsored deep dive into the …


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  1. Check out the nGrave Zero Here: https://bit.ly/3dPHNjf
    0:37 Bitcoin Realized Cap
    2:19 Bitcoin Volume Weighted Average Price
    3:18 nGrave Wallet Review
    3:56 nGrave EAL7 Security Certification!!
    5:03 Is Crypto Wallet Safety Still an Issue in 2020?
    5:47 nGrave Advisors & Partnerships
    7:08 Why is nGrave Wallet the Coldest/Most Secure??
    9:16 What are the random factors in nGrave Key Creation?
    11:10 What Coins does the nGrave Zero offer?
    12:03 What’s the Catch?
    13:21 What is the nGrave Graphene?
    15:17 Final Thoughts

  2. Hi guys great videos great work may i ask why you have not included Bitfi in this secure wallet section. This wallet has private keys that you make up yourself .. so no way of anyone stealing your bitcoin its made in the US so i was surprised not to see this as part of this section. have a nice day

  3. Watch out it on your feed. Be ready to he sued by multiple people, perhaps YouTube will join in your lawsuit. Horrible rip off to good people watching your show
    Crypto ripoff adds all over your show

  4. Definitely not for beginner investors in crypto. This thing cost $415 pre-order discounted. Supposedly after it’s been released the price is gonna go up to around $450. If you have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions even, then this would be a great choice other than that nope. But thanks for the video content which was well done.

  5. Two concerns. 1) if you have to connect your device to a computer for a firmware update, then it's not truly air-gapped (once you connect it to a PC for an update). 2) If someone were to acquire your Graphene plate that has the metal digs, they can simply go to Ngrave's site, order a new Graphene and place the holed plate over your 'custom' plate to see your seed phrase.

    Seems like Coldcard remains THE most secure wallet out there.

  6. Ngrave is still only in pre-order. And at the same time all models of Cobo Vault support physical dice rolls to generate a recovery phrase.
    And the company exists for 3 years.
    So this is not the coldest wallet to date like they market it 🙂

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