What is Richard Heart’s Bitcoin HEX? Get Rich Quick? [Cryptocurrency Review]

What is BitcoinHex? Is it a scam? Is it a ponzi scheme? BitcoinHex is Richard Heart’s new vanity project… we need to investigate. Let me know your thoughts in …


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  1. Give some ppl free coins to draw them in which will draw in more paying customers. Dont get it twisted, Richard is very smart and hes game theorying all of you. He controls the Origin address which controls the entire currency. Master troll at work, dont get gamed.

  2. We're closing s hop…

    Due to evidence of possible manipulation of the HEX market value, I can no longer recommend HEX with clean conscience.

    I have removed the HEX Tool from the app stores, though I don't have a way of removing it from your phones, but I ask you to please delete it from your phones.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at support@stakehex.com.

    It has been a wild ride; I hope you all succeed and get rich. I've made new friends and learned a ton. You're all amazing; keep in touch! I'll be watching from the sidelines.

    With best of luck to you all,

    – Paul (2020/02/11)


  3. So how interesting is HEX so far? Nice crypto crash we all had? If you would have gave this a little more thought before you fuded all over it some of your 163k subs might have had a chance to give it a better look and not got so rekt the last few days? When will HEX get a proper review from you now that its over 100 days into its launch? Love the out of context Richard Heart quotes too, nice touch.

  4. Ok.i.see why altcoin daily will not do a video on hex. Because he would have to swallow his ego and put away his bitterness for not owning any hex. Not bitcoin hex..
    Invested 2 eth first month it's worth over 8000 usd at the moment.
    Bad call daily..I feel bad extremely bad for any of your followers who listened to you promote well not promote but basically give the most expensive once in a lifetime bad advise to thousands of individuals, subscribers people who look up to you bad , terrible analogy of vlad and your overall opinion turning your listeners away from a opportunity never seen since 2009 when you could buy bitcoin for dollars…
    Putting yourself in the category of u tube influencers who not only missed out on becoming a millionaire from only a 1000 investment in less than 5 years. Where am I coming up with these stats.. just go to the hex chart. Parabolic is a understatement

  5. Regardless of your views on the crypto, I've never seen a video where someone just reads the article out loud.
    Next time do your own research, even if it's just regurgitating someone else.

  6. I put a little money in HEX, it seems to be doing well. Can you prove if its a scam or not??? This would be huge news if it is or isnt!! Worth looking into.

    Hex is a ethereum based certificate of deposit. It's been pumping crazy. Very sophisticated game theory.

    Staking is rewarded for length and size and punished for early withdrawls. Emergency endstaking penalty Is distributed to those as a bonus when they complete the entirety of their stake. So FUD and trading are less profitable then mining and trading.

    Check it out and get 10% more.

    No one is talking about it in the crypto world but check coinpaprika out.

    It's a scratch off I threw $10 in and it's up majorly. Most interesting coin by far, although it took many many hours to get past my initial suspicions.

    I've been researching alt coins because I dont want to die poor when this whole thing comes crashing down. I wanna eat. Who cares about getting rich and fancy cars. I wanna buy a farm to raise animals & food. I've been preparing for 10 years for this upcoming event. Hopefully It goes smoothly and we gain freedom.

    Cheers good luck to everyone

    God bless

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