What is Public Market? + Bitcoin price on the move! [Cryptocurrency Review]

Alright Altcoin Daily Team, Let’s talk about Bitcoin, Crypto, and Public Market! Today we do a deep dive! Watch the video. Check out Public Market’s Website …


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  1. I always stay until the end! I guess we will see how they intend to profit, but seems a little unclear so far. She sounded impressive until I heard an honor from anything related to "Clinton", which might be something she might find is best left unadvertised, imho. As always, thanks for the new video!

  2. Thanks for bringing Public Market to our attention! Very interesting business model and approach to solving the monopolized e-commerce dilemma. I'm going to keep them on my radar. As always, thanks for the great content and keep up the great work!

  3. Great video, a lot have happened in recent time about crypto and I must say its been so interesting; I got into crypto few months ago clueless on how to increase my portfolio I started looking for videos on YT. 4 weeks back I came across a comment on CNBC channel about a certain man named Charles Garry who teach young traders how to increase their portfolio and the comments from different users convinced me to contact him, I was overwhelmed with his strategy, he turned my 2BTC to 10BTC in 5days with no risk and I was so amazed. If you looking for the best way to increase your investment with no risk of losing, you can reach out to him on **Telegram:+1-631-620-6929 and via email charlesgarry95@gmail.com)

  4. Quick question: Are you set up for Brave browser/BAT contributions? I'm trying out the Brave browser and I like the idea of supporting my fave contributors. Def want to be able to support the channel! Thanks 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for bringing this to me. I am an eBay / Amazon pro seller. We sell cell phone accessories under the name LyteCordz, Google it. We do have a few people jumping into our brand, but we are growing pretty fast. Looking forward to the future.Amazon removes the image metadata from the images I supply to them. Stayed to the end.

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  7. I think the mass adoption is a race and there are others playing durty, it is not in their interest to see blockchain in the races when they just hit a trillion mark, xrp is a leaderthat came from nowhere, u will see. im gonna invest this week. so im not one of the, fyi. we need leaders in every market and hopefully public market is that leader to lead others like them. the only way this doesn fade is to unite and speak out against the that are in it just for the cash,,,,sorry i got 2in2it. too many dreams..i know whats coming but hopefully blockchain does it on its own,..no im not even gonna check the punc,,,and spelling.

  8. Guys, try a new coin (EXMR at IDEX) with such low circulating supply just 11m and hence price will go up soon, a good project and very good price… Can be a great ROI in rally. Good one. Study and try

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