What Happens to Bitcoin if the Stock Market Crashes? | Anthony Pompliano Cryptocurrency in 2020

What Happens to Bitcoin if the Stock Market Crashes in 2020? Will Bitcoin go up if market crashes? Anthony Pompliano, host of the Pomp Podcast, shares his …


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  1. The fact is we want bitcoin to knock all stock traders out. They now control the market and everytime the markets get hairy they dump for profit and move btc by the billions.

    Let them all sell off please and thank you.

  2. There can't be another liquidity crisis. People have more access to credit than ever before and if they want more the stupidity of the government will give it to them.

  3. One problem with your theory. Gold is not a risk asset. It’s a safe haven asset. People move their money into gold to prevent risk. That’s why they call it a hedge.

  4. What, this channel still exists ? Ure still telling us to hold this crap ? Price of BTC cannot get better because it has been manipulated since the beginning ! Yes, the price of BTC will be 20-30k when the crooks will decide to dump the economy and there will be probably nothing to buy anymore because has taken everything away. Poor people will die of starvation with money having just hopes and dreams while the rich and governments will be punished by GoD later on having most of the economy in their pockets. I am telling you, this Life for us it's just an irony.

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  6. People should drop BITCON as an investment. It is just another speculative play with no fundemental reason to own it. Too much risk with a lottery ticket feel.

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