What Cryptocurrency Do YOU Think Is Extremely Undervalued Right Now? [Altcoin & Bitcoin Analysis]

My thoughts on the most undervalued coin. Do you agree with my reasoning? What is YOUR most undervalued coin? Like. Comment. Subscribe. Follow us on …


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  1. Obviously BTC. After that, I think DERO has a real shot at becoming a XMR/ETH type coin. PHL (PlaceHolders), is another one I think could become the next Raven (RVN) or Golem (GNT). I got friends who are gungho on CHX, but havent bought any yet personally. There are one or two more, but Im still accumulating, so Ill keep quiet on that. 🙂

  2. First of all, US dollar will not be here in 10 years. Second, Bitcoin is a first generation technology. You tell me any first generation anything that won out. Sorry, I don't buy your Bitcoin speal. My vote goes to NANO for most undervalued.

  3. I want to agree with you on bitcoin, as the security level is definitely undeniable from all the years of network participation, but, there is definitely a chance that something could come along and take its place something that can store value and run applications, something decentralized like cardano will be. If it can fix problems in countries like Ethiopia, and let's say it's economy flourishes because of a reduction in fraud waste and abuse it, might make people think twice. I'm not trying to shill cardano just saying that confidence could shift to something better

  4. Asking the question: how will dApp change the world and show me the best dApp today
    That is like asking question in 1990: how will internet change the world? Show me the best homepage today…
    The fact is: we can not fathom how blockchain and smart contract and hashgraph can change our world in the future 😉

  5. Remember most (prob 90%) of these altcoins will eventually fail & vanish from the market! The best & most undervalued coins are clearly those which have strong use cases & serious potential to solve a problem in a more efficient & cost effective way. Bitcoin is a no brainer for future gains but my research tells me Ripple (XRP) TRON (TRX) & VECHAIN (VET) should lead the way. Others I like are EOS & Cardano (ADA). BAT looks promising and Binance coin too. Either way… DYOR and load up on strong teams with highly active projects that build value!

  6. $OLT OneLedger is one super undervalued coin. They're working on interoperability and will provide cross-chain solution for enterprises. There mainnet will launch in Q4, but actually they're enterprise-ready now.

  7. I am very much for X42 protocol, a truly undervalued and rated Crypto. It’s a really rich on concept as it’s feeless, nearly instant, proof of stake cryptocurrency that supports smart contracts and will support Mastrnodes, Side Blockchains, DApps and Private transactions soon, it pays dividends in the form of stakes, it’s for sure amongst the most under-valued options. Already on top echanges like STEX, AltMarkets and others. So for sure this got to be looked upon https://www.x42.tech/

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