What are the Top Gaming Altcoins To Watch in 2020? | Best NFT Cryptocurrencies | with EllioTrades

What are the best gaming altcoins to invest in 2020? What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? What are the best NFT cryptocurrencies to invest in? Elliot of …


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  1. What are your thoughts on $EASY that has just been listed on Binance ?
    DEFI coin, has partnered with MATIC, super small market cap (1,5 millions USD) and super low supply (half a million tokens circulating supply)

  2. Vanilla Network Announcement, [28.10.20 00:00]
    The Vanilla Network final round ICO presale is LIVE!! Sale will take place on the presale launchpad on the website below:
    https://www.vanilla.network and telegram https://t.me/Vanillafinance
    Find steps in the presale section. Metamask is the supported wallet for both desktop and mobile
    applications.We’ll be on hand to help for any questions.1 ETH : 1,000 VANILLA (c.0.4 USD)
    Thanks, and welcome to team Vanilla ?
    P.S; See contract address below???

  3. Average gamer spends 85$ on in-game products. There are 2.7 billion active gamers worldwide. This is a 150-200 billion industry. That is growing rapidly with double digit percentages yearly… let that sink in. My top pick is Enjin

  4. companies like blizzard, EA, activision, roctstar gonna eat off these NFT’s and gaming alt coins fasholy. I would trade my overwatch coins for ETH or BTC if I could.

  5. CHI. (Game: Taurion)
    WAX. (No best game)
    Enjin. (Game: lost relics)
    Mana. (No best game)
    Eos. ( best Blankos)
    Anrkey x. (No best game)
    ChainGame. (No best game)

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