Whale Alert: Three Whales Making Moves in 2018! [Bitcoin Rich List]

Hey Team! These three whales have been buying up bitcoin all year! Let’s take a look at the Bitcoin Rich List! It’s fun whale watching! Like. Subscribe. Follow us …


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  1. I'm a lucky soul. I am determine to recommend this to everyone, I put in 10k into Cryptocurrency with the help of Chris when it crashed to around 6k. Doubled my money to 75k in a little before a month. Took out the profit to pay my two credit cards and a small loan. A rewarding leap of faith which could have gone south too. To get started Contact Chris via chrisdunntrading@gmail.com for guideline he also has a YouTube video.

  2. Come on man, look at those addresses and the amount they hold, you still believe crypto is decentralized? Wake up, you're lending your hard-earned money to strangers with no interest. If you believe Bitcoin will shoot to the moon one day, you're delusional. Think harder why Bitcoin reached to 19k in 2017, that's when whales wanted total control of Bitcoin and they achieved it.

  3. The cryptocurrency market is evolving and those who know how to ride the wave might just be the ones to make the easiest fortunes of our time. Investing in Bitcoin has always been a Big frustration to me, I lost half my portfolio to the crash, trading couldn’t help me because I had little experience , all I needed was somebody to put me through.On several occasions, Bitcoin Ben and some majority of the videos uploaded on Altcoin Buzz channel made references about a Pro Trader-“ ANTHONY BOW ” who has an affordable Strategy to show thousands of investors out there loosing because they lack the knowledge to trade their Bitcoin, they also dropped his contact in the comment section. I reached out to him through his Telegram, he has been giving the best trading Tips and I have been able to increase my little 6.5Btc to 31BTC despite the fall, Thanks to those that mentioned him in your videos, you are all part of my success story. To get more info about My mentor on his mail Anthonybow43@gmail.com /Telegram- Number +1-631-706-4129 )

  4. Fool . i cant believe that . what els do they invest in . these people are idiots people will find a way to protect their currency and from cyber attacks sell that stuff . nothing going to buy all the coins and people arent going to stop letting go for money a wise investor would sell and watch this kinda thing not buy like that … Idiots

  5. I bought bitcoin in 2011 for $6 each on ebay and still hold 14 bitcoin in my wallet. And forgot about it till 2017. I've been hodling it, buying like $25 – $150 a week slowly breadcrumbing the pieces. It took me the whole year, to actually make 1 bitcoin. I just bought the dip on Christmas eve, and now I have 15. Will continue to hodl and slowly buy more. I want to be a legend too… lol.

  6. Bla bla bla bla.. Didn´t you understand what is happen? until the CME bitcoin futures are ecxisting the Bitcoin will fall and fall. This gangsters do the same game with the Gold price (They did create Paper Gold 13000 times more than physical Gold).. This is only a joke, nobody can´t do anything.. Big Guys will never ever let average people become millionaires again.. The time to become millionaires with Cryptos is over..

  7. Trace Mayer been spouting how Nano and Trezor are hackable. Andreas Antonop been smoothing the waters. question……these whales all seem to have one address that their coins go to. with a nano it gives a different receive address every time. Would that mean these guys dont use hardware wallets?

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