Whale Alert! ? Late Night Whale Watching! ? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Perspective/ASMR]

Alright Altcoin Daily Team! Let’s do some whale watching! Grab a drink! Let’s go. Like. Subscribe. Sources Binance: Bitcoin Live Trading View …


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  1. Its so interesting and likewise hilarious about cryptos, hodling and trading. So many views and you cant help you laugh when you see how erroneous and misleading many of these are. The biggest of them is that I am very happy with you. I hope that it will be a lot of money. or xrp $ 250,000 in the next couple of years. This fallacy is still fueled by hypes. Cryptocurrency today sadly is largely speculative, unpredictable and risky to take a look at the long term, read the charts and understand the markets. Why should i invest long term in the most uncertain market in the world? I'd like to tell you how much you can and do it. With proven strategies and signals, and have made quite a lot of profit (over $ 80,000). having sleepless nights. First of all, i am able to make gains on movers. This simple idea was giving me by Barrister brock burkitt * (brocckburkitt @ gmailcom) * when i started to use money. My advice would give you a better chance to buy, trade them to make a profitable bull run. I'd suggest you reach it via a cryptocurrency and how to profit as a trader. He is someone who has 95% of all my trades.

  2. People have 6000-12000 Bitcoin…..my god man. Even at the $4K it is now 6000 Bitcoin…..what…..$24 million? God I hate myself for not buying more when I got in at $240. Back then I had about $20,000 available and I should have used every cent to buy Bitcoin at $240. Uggggg!

  3. Loved this great video! these wales are really everywhere. I think some of these whales will move to bitcore soon, as they see the potential of this coin! stunning tech combined with a great team!

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