“We Are Set Up For A MASSIVE Bull Market For The Rest Of The Year” – Hyperwave Just Turned Bullish!

Mr. Hyperwave Just Turned Bullish! Should I Buy Bitcoin? Check this out! Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AltcoinDailyio Trading Bitcoin – Looks Like …


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  1. This bull market "IS FOR REAL!!!!!!!" great video and one of my favorite channels on all of YouTube! Folks if you all have not subscribed to Altcoin Daily then please do so and lets make this money together there's lots to go around!

  2. Yessss! Altcoin Daily. I am still here, been here from the beginning. Great content. I bought back in when btc was 5k. Done some nice gains. Right now i diversify into some of the alts Greyscale has invested in. All other alts dosent exist anymore. There are only Btc and 20-30 alts that will gain profits and become adopted. In this weird financial space i am always left with questions. But i follow my instinct. The smell of money. Continue to do great videos. I will always be here watching. Cheers.

  3. so much hate for people who have different opinions. everybody is saying do your own research but nobody wants to listen to a bear scenario. reality is the market will always try to take your money and if you dont listen to when it can turn, you will get rekt. Tone and Tyler both made a lot of money selling at the top. they might not have bought at the bottom but no trader is right 100% of the time.

  4. Hi! Honestly, it’s nothing against you.. but you have the glass ball? Sorry, but nobody knows what’s going on! I mean, I wish me a bull market and a rocket run… but I believe in it, if I see it!

  5. I could see a pullback to the 8.5-9k levels but to see 7.5k again doesn't see likely to me. It would take some super FUD to dump that hard from here.

  6. lmao so he called for 1k then fomo'd in above 6k….basically at or above the level before it dumped to the dream price of 3k LMAO he should have just held btc the whole time at least that way he didnt have to look at the chart every day for weeks

  7. Yeah I'm really going to trust a former Bitcoin bear that said it was going down to 1000. Is that what you're recommending???? Why would you trust someone who is been completely wrong in the past?

  8. If you want to make money in bitcoin all you have to do is exactly opposite whatever Tyler says. It’s the easiest tell in crypto. When Tyler said get out! I went all in!! Thank god he is there spouting tripe. I’ve never seen one chart that follows his predictions. He thinks it might go back to 7500. No way then.

  9. Dude this guy was like poison to my bear market strategy. Completely fucked myself over listening to him… believing it would go lower and holding out until it was too late. You are too easy on this guy because you have a brand to uphold. But, I am shocked he has the balls to show his face. He has no idea how many people he negatively affected with this Hyperwave crap.

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