Watch The Mainstream Media Lie About Bitcoin [VERY SUBTLE]

Fundstrat Manger, Tom Lee, SPEAKS TRUTH about the FUTURE of Bitcoin. Plus, Germany Gives Us a Bitcoin Update. Like. Comment. Subscribe. Follow us on …


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  1. What's wrong with institutions shaking out weak hands? They've done it before, and they'll do it again.
    All you need to do is literally do the opposite you've been told.
    Not sure how hard is this to average Joe to comprehend, though.

  2. I am buying, when you capitulate and stop your channel. That will be good news and all non-sense-gett-rich-money is finally out of the market and we will se finally the new bull run

  3. I don't care what anyone says tells me it's going up or down I believe no one knows I believe what I believe so I bought some and I continue holding me

  4. I am German and unfortunately this law wants to make sure you need a banking license in order to have permission to store crypto assets for customers. So the government has an insight who owns how much crypto and which address belongs to it

  5. BTC holders – please claim your free HEX tomorrow. This is actually a project that can work VERY well for early adopters. OF COURSE it is a high risk investment (besides the completely free claim). BUT, most people are still perfect candidates to invest some. My thoughts are: I have plenty of money to put SOME money into SOME (researched) high risk – and hopefully high reward – ventures. BTC is NOT going 10 or 100 times in the next few years – it is far too "known" (no matter what crypto cultists keep telling you). We need to find the next big thing (say a top 100 coin) EARLY. This project has me more intrigued than anything in crypto in a couple years. I
    actually will get LESS HEX the more that others claim, but I want this to work!

    If you miss the free claim, you can get it on a few exchanges and (much better) convert some ETH in the HEX Adoption Amplifier…

  6. Please do a video on some research on bakkt, kelly loefler, and their claim they are providing physically settled btc. I’m very skeptical of bakkt and other traditional finance institutions getting involved in the crypto space. They’re always looking to get an advantage over retail investors and looking for ways to maintain the status quo. BTC is disruptive and It wouldn’t surprise me if they have an underlying agenda to devalue btc and crypto. They have yet to provide a clear explanation of how they are physically settling btc to investors. “Not your keys, not your bitcoin

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