Watch CNBC Hosts LAUGH at This Bitcoin Investor [EMOTIONAL]

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  1. Those laughing at you today will be the ones thing shades or trying to be with you tomorrow. To all investors out there, make good use of this market situation and expand your portfolio. For me, I have already took a bold step by investing in ripple, tokoin and bnb.

  2. This is funny. I believe to still keep the faith..i remember when i wanted to invest in #tokoin IEO many laughed at the idea but today its a diffrent ball game entirely as i am i good profit now

  3. CNBC = Academy of Fools. Were they not the ones who made fun of Jeff Bezos when he granted them an interview ??? He never appeared on CNBC again, so anything they are smirking about is probably worth buying. Every last one of them, other than the women, has an agenda. They either represent investment funds, investment brokerages, or some financial service letter. So how independent is there advice ??

  4. With all due respect..but how is that all the people commenting here are so sure that btc is going to 100k? I trade and I don’t care where is going, if it goes either up or down I grab the chance to trade it. Honestly, I think that many comments are mostly based on feeling rather than real informations or technical analysis. Most people lost with crypto. The few who made money are lucky or insiders. The rest are you tubers.. which is ok, I don’t criticize that, but I leave beliefs to religions and I base things on fact when investing.

  5. out of context…., you're lying to your subscribers
    did you watch the entire debate? He, himself stated he was an outcast when he was the only one talking about bitcoin but is not anymore, at the end of the interview the other guy was making a joke about what the bitcoin investor said at the beginning, so…. downvoting this

  6. Nice Video.I Just want to say i will laugh at them after Pledgecamp one of the products of blockchain technology gets adopted in the crowdfunding day to day business as its more convinient and hasslefree to use and thereby also makes sure your funds are secured and properly used after investing in a project thus proving to be a useful to a trillion dollar economy

  7. This project is amazing and innovative. Investors should join and contribute to this project. The project has a fairly professional and close-knit team with many excellent tools for implementing their ideas.

  8. Are they really unsderstanding the financials market. I think just follow the majority society perspectives without any knowledge about these markets…

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