WARNING: The Cryptocurrency Market 2021 in MASSIVE Bubble and Bitcoin Going to Zero?! | THE TRUTH

Economist Nouriel Roubini claims cryptocurrency in February 2021 is in a bubble and bitcoin, ethereum, and/or altcoins investors are CRAZY!! Let’s discuss!


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  1. To be honest i wish… someone could just send me some satoshi/bitcoin to my wallet below but, begging is maybe not the way to go ^^'


    Right. Apologies and jokes aside,
    please do not and i wish you all


  2. The Banks are buying digital assets so they can control them, not because they want to expand their use. They can control anything because they have almost endless use of fiat money creation. This exorbitant crypto rally is not really good for digital assets if you really understand what the point of them is. IMO

  3. Cryptocurrencies will soon rule the financial world on a global scale. Your mind cannot fathom the money that will be made long term from relatively small investments now.

  4. Roubin knows what hes talking about…..Gold and Silver ALWAYS survived as ALL paper currencies went to ZERO. When the dollar collapse, every other fiat currecny will go to zero as well. This will be the first test for crypto currencies, but i too think crypto currencies will all govto ZERO AFTER paper fiat currencies go to zero. There is no value in crypto. Theres value in silver and gold.

  5. Not sure about this project, but it is a cool video!

    I hold a cool token ENQ and I hope that this is the new major fish on the crypto field. Convenient tax structure, application ecosystem, easy rewards, pump token… This is the moon!

  6. What pisses me off about this new age of tech is the fact that their is no ethical debates going on. The only thing people are talking about is how much money we can make on this product. No talk about how this will effect governments, people, way of life, ethical or anything but making more money.

  7. Any form of currency has value as long as society says it has a value. What is a piece of gold but some shiny yellow rock that a society likes the way it looks. Someone decides to use it as a currency and then people find a way to make more gold by simple own gold. Bitcoin is that right off the bat, a way to make more bitcoin by own bitcoin.

  8. opening video with ''making money'' and blaming fiat currencies is far from being rational. this man makes valid arguments, if you are enough educated, make some anti thesis. saying like ''he missed the opportunity, that is why he cries'' is something that highschool student can say.

    ps: I sold my 8 bitcoins at 40k which I believe market is just bubble now.

  9. Banks don’t like Bitcoin, Taxi doesn’t like Uber, Hotels don’t like Airbnb, bookstores don’t like Amazon, Cinema doesn’t like Netflix… Innovation is not always appreciated. ?‍♂️

  10. Thanks for the content. Would you say this altcoin bubble is similar to a Ponzi Scheme?

    Since the market moves in cycles, it means that the chance to make profits out of it, is to cash out before the bubble bursts which would translate to a lot of people being left behind holding the bag. So, how is this not a Ponzi Scheme?

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