WARNING: The Crypto Market Is About To Bottom (THE EXACT DATE I’M GOING ALL IN)

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  1. FED are not interested in controlling inflation. They are more interested in inflating 11 trillion plus debts away over the coming years.
    FED more interested in protecting the dollar collapsing and keep control of the global economy. Keeping dollar strong..
    And distracting us by various headlines…
    E.B. Tucker knows.
    Don’t be fooled they cannot continue hiking interest rates up, they cannot afford to – and have no intention in doing so smoke and mirrors…

  2. Like you I think we haven't seen the true bottom just yet so I'm cash heavy and plan on loading up BTC / ETH / ALGO / XLM / and maybe more ADA and ONE.

  3. Revolut does not allow to move bitcoin out. Basically it keeps it hostage. You can move out £1000 worth of BTC per month. It's not smart, it's banking mindset which is dead. Be careful beautiful people

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  5. 'generational' – but its happened several times before..? In the last 10 years – therefore it is not by definition – generational

  6. Dnt really watch youtubers in a bear market, but please guys these fuckers are misleading you, follow the normal halving cycle and you will be ok, btc takes 6 to 12 months to bottom, hence Dec 22 will be an epic buying opportunity

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