WARNING: I Am Worried For Crypto Holders – Two MAJOR Scams Are Happening – DO NOT BE FOOLED!

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  1. Coinbase ran a pump and dump on it's own customers with tezos,xtz. At one point coinbase quoted tezos at 1.72 when coinmarketcap was quoting 1.06 for tezos. Coinbase is also running a scam that inflates maker by tricking people into buying a cdp contract for six pennies of dai in a tutorial that offers a 14$ spiff for opening the bogus contract. Of course the tutorial stops once the bogus contract is purchased and the 14$ is not payed out leaving their duped customer with a cdp contract they weren't instructed how to get rid of. Beware of maker, coinbase is crooked

  2. What's amazing is that nobody looks at the comments to see where these people are posting!. Majority of them are from Russia that's a big red flag right there.

  3. I missed all this and just today got subjected to this scam! lucky for me i only sent the minimum amount but i bet other people have sent alot more!! Very soon realised i had my pants down lol.. is what it is and i cant cry over spilt milk but i have learnt my lesson!

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