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  1. I'm part of the XRP army. I agree Bots are everywhere. Example: Haydiff in the XRP community has allegedly 70k followers, when she tweets she gets just a few likes each time. How is this possible. Each tweet should get at least a few hundred likes/comments right? BOTS

  2. Wall Street FUD hasn't affected the price of BTC at all. In fact BTC up 0.45% time of me writing.Yep, I got a Ledger Nano S. 50% stored on nano and the rest on Exchanges

  3. I can see a boom in price very soon
    We are moving upwards slowly and consistently and building foundation levels , we had a big ish boost last month but it came quick and went quick
    This is different
    My opinion off course ?

  4. i had a website 1WORLDTOGETHER it was hit by Bots the sever people shut me down. It was a social network. There was spam selling knockoffs. So I don't hold that against them. What webmaster has control. We still have no idea who is responsible the news came out before XLM was listed on coinbase. We have no idea if its a competitor. I know its not the company Ripple doing it. The XLM bots are out there and can be bought. What if the ripple community buys them and gives them a negative story. follow this link. https://galactictalk.org/d/1547-galacticbot-com-trade-bot-for-the-stellar-platform

  5. Reminder! Litecoin mining reward halving coming Summer 2019 – LTC 2015 halving saw price up 5X in the run up! Some money then moved to Bitcoin which rose 40 per cent! Bitcoin halving follows May 2020!

    PS Will be interesting to see if the USA Łitecoin Foundation K-POP concert on 6th April will pump price before/and/or after……

  6. Very informative content. One nevertheless cannot overemphasize the benefits of first of all carrying out adequate research before committing to investing or trading with hard earned real funds which was what I did after some losses when I jumped in blindly. First of all is the distinction between hodling and trading as well as the different methods/strategies of trade. First of all, I am not against hodling but a safer way to grow a portfolio from my experience is by trading which cleary has a very clear advantage over hodling in that with the right setup, you can easily x3 your holdings. Creating a winning strategy is not as difficult as many would make you believe. You simply have to pay very close attention to the charts as well as the news but caution must be exercised all the same. A safe and better alternative is by mirroring the trade patterns and using the signals of a professional with well-established success rate. That way, you can key into his successes and learn some tips and tricks on the way. I currently use signals from Mr. Mark Sibio after testing out the services of 3 different providers. With Mark’s setup, I have consistently been making very consistent profit for the past 6 months in excess of 400% return on investment and that’s really great for anyone who knows about investing. You can reach him on marksibio66@gmail .com if you need to know more about his system and find out how to be consistent in making profit off bitcoins

  7. Yes I made it all the way to the end. I do come to your channel everyday waiting for a video. I am hoping at some point you will take a look at electroneum based on its merits and share that with your viewers.

  8. Wall Street Journal….what a joke. I was at my bank yesterday and was the only customer in the lobby so I ask about the delay in funds when they go to Coinbase. They looked up my transfer in question. The money left the bank the next day. I used this to talk about Crypto and no one was using or involved and one had never even heard of Bitcoin. All younger people. Pretty sure one of them got assigned to write the article for the WSJ.

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