Wall Street Called a Bottom in the Crypto Market? Coinbase Adding 150! [Bitcoin Adoption News]

Some very bullish Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News! Watch this video! Like. Subscribe. ***NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. JUST OPINION. JUST ENTERTAINMENT.


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  1. this is a great improvement for bitcoin,but i m wondering if people gonna use it on a massive scale globally,will it be scalable enough and maintain its speed and what wil happen with the fees?

  2. Always great to see a new video from you guys when I wake up. Do you think you might do a video together (i.e. debate Bullish v. Bearish views or each pic for face crypto and debate which is better?) Maybe I am too new to the channel, but I have never seen you post a joint video. Could be a fun one.

  3. Thanks for all information. My name is Lelle and I am from Sweden and I am new in this. I have some ont on binance. Will they also go up or down the same when btc react? Thanks

  4. wow literally just discovered this channel today! Instantly subscribed! If your reading this — Check out https://ortexchange.co.uk .. we help YOU trade. And we have a special limited offer: entry level 500 pounds for 1500 returns! Assure you there is no scam, there isn’t a ‘catch’ its purely faith in the blockchain technology. Just check us out guys and be part of the movement! ? thanks! #cryptocurrency #ortexchange

  5. Last year, Tom Lee predicted Bitcoin will hit $5000 by the end of 2017 and BTC hit almost $20,000… This year his predicts BTC will hit $25,000… When Tom speaks smart money listens

  6. I think we are in for a good bull run. One thing I am doing is broadening my portfolio. Taking some coins that I have a lot of and putting them in other alt-coins that I believe will be profitable in the next bull run and whatnot 🙂

  7. We all will see 10x gains on the horizon which when coupled from one winning coin to the next will be life changing. we know the coins 90+% down. The best ones will rise again and we who studied and set a plan will not swim in the REKTage.

  8. how the hell is wall street calling a bottom in crypto bullish news? you really thin k the scores of professional traders would let the rest of the world know they think a bottom is in?

    whatever wall street says……..do the opposite

  9. coinbase is sign-in millions in the last month think about it, if you don't buy now forget it prices are going to sky rocket in minutes in November

  10. It is kind of weird to me that Litecoin seems to be involved in everything but the price does not reflect that. Maybe all that liquidity means something later.

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