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Below are defined tasks with their own set directions and requirements.

  • Bounty 1: Create a DAO Governance Tool for Vite ($2,500 in VITE)
  • Bounty 2: Implement Rosetta Node API for Vite to allow easier integration with the Vite blockchain ($3,000 in VITE)
  • Bounty 3: Create a Quota Bank for Vite ($2,500 in VITE)
  • Bounty 4: VitePay module that allows easy e-commerce payment via Vite network ($2,500 in VITE)


Participants will receive advice and support from Vite’s team of judges. In addition to the Vite team, the following industry experts will be guest judges of this event.

  • Sebastian Gawenda — Kraken Institutional Solutions
  • Jonathan Padilla — Stanford Future of Digital Currency Initiative
  • Apollo River — Nano Tip Bot Creator
  • Nick White — Harmony Co-founder


1. How to participate in the hackathon?

Go to Grants Round 10 Hackathon and log in with a GitHub account to participate.

2. How is the Vite chain different from chains like Ethereum and do I need to learn a different computer language to participate in the hackathon?

In terms of smart contract programming, Vite is very similar to Ethereum. The biggest difference is Solidity++ (language used in Vite) which is asynchronous compared to Solidity. Developers should have no problem fitting in if they are skilled in Solidity. However, to reduce the possible learning time, it is highly recommended to read through the technical documentation before the event. Vite is also hosting a Solidity++ onboarding workshop at the beginning of the hackathon. Those interested can log in to their Gitcoin account and join on Friday, June 18th at 10 AM PDT.

3. What are the requirements for the developer environment?

The environment is not limited. Mac + VsCode is recommended but it is possible to use any familiar programming environment and IDEs. If writing smart contracts, Vite provides a Soliditypp VsCode extension which can be found in the Extension marketplace to help debug/deploy the contract.

4. Where to locate Vite’s tech documents?

All technical documents can be found here.

5. Do I need to give a demo for the product that I have built?

It is possible to submit a small presentation or video that demos a submission, however, it’s not mandatory; and only good to have. In case a project becomes one of the winners, the developer might be invited to demo the application.

6. I have some technical questions to ask the Vite devs, where can I interact with them directly?

Those interested can go to Vite’s official Discord group or post on the hackathon subreddit page.

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