US Stock Market Crashing as Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency MAKE NEWS in June 2020! | Livestream & Chill

The US Stock Market is crashing as bitcoin, ethereum, and cryptocurrency MAKE NEWS! If you are asking the question: What is the best cryptocurrency news …


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  2. I really hope that crypto holders noticed Defi pump over the last month! Crypto holders need to hold Defi coins! Defi will grow faster then any other sector, except for the NFT market! % wise! WAKE UP DEFI WILL EXPLODE just like BTC’s first Cycle! Defi is Just as risky as Btc cycle one! Be smart

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  5. nice video….i think there's a simple reason they're not telling us where they're funds are being sent to,. Markets are not what they used to be when the last bailouts happened and only the big dawgs knew about it which simply wasnt fair but now a days when info like that comes out literally everyone knows about it an now a days nearly everyone has a brokerage account and nearly everyone trades the news. Making that list of bailouts would be like giving out longs and shorts pick in the stock market which leads to the next question "What happens if everyone is rich?" Think about this for a little bit what happens if everyone has 1million dollars?<—- this is physically possible i think by just having the top 5 richest people in the world spread the wealth which would also leave them with a ton of money left over..Would u guys make a video about this. if everyone has a million dollars = that 1 million dollar house becomes worth 100 million <— just 1 example of what would likely happen. crypto also tie's into this id really like to hear your opinions

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