URGENT: YouTube is Censoring Crypto. ? Bitcoin Holders I Am Sorry… [EMOTIONAL]

URGENT: Google-owned, YouTube, is targeting and even deleting crypto-related videos. They have censored several major crypto YouTubers. As a bitcoin


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  1. Definition of censorship : an authority that believes you are stupid and need to be babysat because you can't think for yourselves decides for you what you watch think and do.

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  3. Although this spawned an army of extra shilling idiots , bullshitting about their latest bags . The many many many comments about BLOCKCHAIN SOCIAL MEDIA. THIS IS BAD FOR BITCOIN , the whole community including top influencers and even BTC Devs with git access is COMPLETELY split and the project is set to fail

  4. I wrote to youtube and complained about this. I am sick of the community's I follow getting screwed over by youtube. The least they can do is have a human review these decisions that effect peoples lives so much.

  5. This is the same that was done to gold in the early days. It was outlawed for anyone to own it. So a lot got scared and ignored it. In the end, those that persvered won. Today gold is not illegal to be owned. A lesson to me and you. They will do all sorts of percecuting but the good is in the future for those who believe in crypto currencies

  6. I think all bitcoin youtubers should gather and raise a demand, for stopping freedom of speach vs youtube. I think you might have a good chance to win it. They can argue that youtube is their platform and so… but a violation or a crime it´s a crime even if it's inside someone else's property. I can't kill u in my house, if I invite u into my home, just because it's my house! specialy if you dont do anything odd!

  7. Hey Austin, what the heck happened to TRON project? I am a disappointed TRX bag holder and I know you are a fan and my understanding is that it was supposed to provide a decentralized platform for content providers. Isn't it a perfect time for guys like you to migrate to that kind of platform and drop the centralized youtube?

    Wow, I am coming back to this video as it may have been the last video I watched before my notifications were shut off for your channel! I wanted to tell you this has never happened previously to me that I know of. Anyway, I have missed you and I did a search to see if you have been posting and sure enough you have been. Now I will go watch your most recent video. ❤️

  9. pissed off since the change. They made it so when i seach it only brings back news from tv?????? WTF youtube. Really screwed yourself over now. I am at my wits end. Even when you exclud news like "-news" in the search it either brings back nothing or some none english videos. Clearly its a strong sign to jump ship for me. Moving over to bitchute

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