URGENT: This Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Rally Is NOT Done! Bitcoin hits $36,000 and IS STILL MOVING!

How high will bitcoin go? Is cryptocurrency a good investment 2021? Let’s discuss the latest Bitcoin, Chainlink, Cardano, and Litecoin news that YOU need to …


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  1. litecoin interoperability brings me back to the charlie lee and fluff pony interview from 2016 ! Litecoin can interoperate with monero huh easy yeah your right charlie we just need to do this that and yeah litecoin interoperbiltiy with monero !
    charlie lee also talked about backing private corporate coins on litecoin kinda hidden and not visible to the public !

  2. errr, excuse me, but unless to say "we don't know" who is owning the bitcoin, did you tell that bitcoin is NOT anonymous??? Bitcoin is unique and identifiable and traceable. We dont need to know who is owning it, but it's enough to blacklist his bitcoins. THE OWNER is anonymous, but the bitcoin itself is NOT! This is biggest misunderstanding and give false confidence. Anticipate blacklist bitcoins which are undeclared and subject of taxation. The gateway bitcoin -> fiat will be difficult if you live in first class world. Soon analytic firms will feed the government and banks indexing all bitcoins due for taxation. Bitcoin holders can hold it forever but unable to unload through registered exchange gateway. The only option will be to travel to third world to open bank account and convert into fiat, but still problem with smuggle money through border remain. 3 months ago Monero is banned and all owners are in how water now, working with solicitors how to take money out. The game begun, the end will be unpredictable.

  3. Already subscribed, tyvm for this vid

    Btw do you think about Stakenet? Their DEX will be the first with BTC-USDT pair, over Layer2! They have had listing on Bitfinex and I’ve got some XSN coin. Before that they collabed with Litecoin. Shall I grab more?

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