Do NOT sell your cryptocurrency in May 2021! Founder of Chainlink, Sergey Nazarov explains why DeFi altcoins are the BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY SINCE THE …


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  1. Scammers are getting much worse guys!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! ?

  2. No information whatsoever, just this isn't going away. No intelligent insight on any coins, just this isn't going away, great insight lol. What a joke. Shut up. Think banks want crypto? NO, DOES ANY GOVERNMENT WANT CRYPTO? NO DID CHINA JUST BAN CRYPTO? YES BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY HAS ABSOLUTELY NO USE AS OF YET

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  4. It's hilarious to me that the entire BTC bought by Tesla is $1.5 Billion, but the entire crypto market has lost over $300 Billion just on the tweet that Tesla will not accept BTC, even though they've only sold 10% a few weeks ago. For your information, Tesla only sells 500K cars per year in total, so even if every Tesla for next year was purchased 100% with BTC by all buyers, it would only add up to $30 Billion, but as we all know, only 5% at most would have been done with BTC, so the most that BTC would have been accepted by Tesla would have been $150 million.

  5. Dont panic sell guys. They're trying to shake you off and sell at loss. Take a look at me, im buying BTC, ETH, DOT, SOL and ANRX this dip. Especially now that Anrkeyx is launching celebrity NFTs.

  6. Stock is the oldest online market we have done in the past years,we employ it because of the highest
    Quality of services it renders and how successful it is, today we now say crypto currency too, I'm just saying that people should develop the habit of investing,really helpful in life.

  7. Biggest opportunities are in Bear Market not on the peak of bullrun. I use to like your content, but lately it becomes desperate and misleading.

  8. $Yummy is going to be revolutionary and is in the early stages. 3 weeks old now and the mission is to end world hunger ? Check it out, this is backed by Jake Paul, Lil Yachty, and many more..

  9. Thanks for the great video bro?Can you take a look at another coin for me?
    Its $yummy…They burn coins daily and donate $100k a day to charity.That seems too good to be true. It looks incredible ?

  10. That’s great, right. But have you know smth about GaiaDAO? I guess there’s no platform better than it! GaiaDAO is aiming to develop an environmentally-friendly platform of prominent DeFi projects on the BSC. Isn’t it fantastic?!

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