URGENT: Do NOT Sell Your Bitcoin – Here's Why!?! [Cryptocurrency, Altcoin, Crypto News]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Good video! I want to share with you an opinion piece. “Don’t Be A Crypto ‘Weak-Hand’, It’s What They Want.


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  1. Its all beta data, and start-up funds for a future network funded by the initial investors, who will be bought out, or merged into the future system that's established by the IMFs, so yea dont sell your cryptos it'll all be a part of the banks blockchain anyway one day thanks to all you die hard investors who still hold on to the notion that you'll be free from the system, never mind that the largest financial institutions have and are actively pursuing cashless systems and where do you think the IMFs are getting R&D from before they launch a global network of digital currency? Where are they getting the money to build the severs needed to maintain a digital cashless infrastructure? They sure aren't about to dip into their our pockets to pay for it so take it from unwitting, inexperienced "investors" until a time when a system can be established for a global chain of cashless economists,

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  3. Some buying BTC with alltcoin like, tether or other smoke coins then convert it to fiat money where is more useful. .If alltcoin won't exist BTC would be much higher price. .

  4. I'm loving the blood in the market, everything is on sale ?? feels like i'm 6 years old again on black Friday at the toy store… i'm buying more

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  6. I’m holding and still buying after this blood bath… even if I have to get a job for awhile I’m not selling shit …. I want every bit I can get for when the next Bull run happens… and it will happen and when we least suspect… I’ve been all in for almost two years… to late to pussy out now lol

  7. The money is where the low market cap real use projects are, and right now I do not see anything better than #tokenpay, the vision and determination with which they are working is truly admirable, only 25M max supply, privacy coin certificates, staking rewards, have an ETF ready tokensuisse, FREE EFIN and TPLY coins for holders, 2 top 10 exchanges coming, efin DEX exchange, and much more, In a few months they have done much more than other projects that have years in the market, this is a golden opportunity.

  8. Feelsbadman, I started buying coins in December of 2017… When the market was booming… I have invested 1,900 in total and my port is worth around 200 now. Going to invest some more money now so that I can make up for that.

  9. The Amazon comparison is such a red herring. It HAS NOTHING TO contribute to the discussion. Amazon is a unicorn left-over from the dot-com bubble, and it was far from the FIRST online-retail-idea out there. Bitcoin and altcoins, have unleashed tremendous POTENTIAL. They themselves should not be erroneously considered to be the winners in the end. The Amazons and Ebays of the crypto world probably have not even been conceived yet.

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  11. Looks like people are trading SHND stronghands coin, for SPRTS Sprouts coin! Cause they got a new contract. It will be used in Groceries, and other stores in Japan it's about to moon!!!
    That's why the shnd selling… Sprouts is $100 bucks for a billion WOW!!!!!
    I'm sure they're planning to buy in back , as they get their fat returns soon!…

  12. In 2017 Bitcoin was one of the only ways to get into alt coins, you needed bitcoin to get alt coins, now bitcoin can be circumvented. This is the gateway effect. There are more and more buying options everyday. It will still surge due to notoriety, and public ignorance (to incuring the least fees, or buying options) bitcoin leads alt coins, cash in, then follows cash out. Gateway.

  13. If your life is a financial piece of shit, overrun by credit card payments, sky high rent, expensive food….have no fear. Buy some BITCOIN. You literally have NOTHING left to fucking lose. In fact, you should max out your cards and buy this shit. If it works, you're back. If not, nothing has changed. Do it. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the end of the year..

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  17. Guys, try a new coin (EXMR at IDEX) with such low circulating supply just 11m and hence price will go up soon, a good project and very good price… Can be a great ROI in rally. Good one. Study and try

  18. People don’t understand that bitcoin is like a global bank where you can see that there’s no fraud, there’s no money being created out of thin air unlike our fiat currencies I’m here for the long term just 50 btc is enough to be wealthy for my family and I Am nowhere near that caliber but I will someday! And all the naysayers good luck to you guys! While you are chasing that dollar bills we’re out here chasing the future! Congratulations to everyone that are holding at least 0.3 btc you are wealthy already!

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