URGENT!! Cryptocurrency September Sell-Off Happening in 3.. 2.. 1.. Boom! | Why is Bitcoin Dropping?

Why is bitcoin dropping? Today, Mike Novogratz shares his opinion on the looming cryptocurrency September 2020 sell-off, as well as why this DeFi …


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  1. Hey guy's ……I listen to all of your videos daily… I found you guy's a couple of months ago…. …. Thanks for all of you awesome content.. I am becoming a Bitcoin believer. My question, I need to earn to move into BTC. I was listening to the video yesterday and realized I need to know a lot more about the Alt coin market and the 100X tokens. I realize this is risky…But, If I could do my homework, anything thing I earned I could take and invest into BTC . Other than you guy's, can you recommend other people in this niche, that I could possibly follow and grow my knowledge. I would think the more eyes and ideas I have, the stronger I could be. Thanks, Phil

  2. You are bashing Verge as a poop coin but celebrating Pornhub for adding BTC as mass adoption.
    What the heck .. XVG created the way in 2018 for this today and is a truly decentralized community developed coin with privacy as an option.
    No premine, no ceo which controls it .. it is not a company.

    You don‘t seem to research much before you bashing.
    I hope you will have a closer look and change your mind.

    Many coins are down from it’s ath, seem many got burned and are not in it for tec or long term. Neither you as it seem .. sad!

  3. I disagree that we are in bubble in regards to DeFi if that’s the case why is etherum still outperform Btc and it’s not tanking that badly we are just going through a normal market cycle

  4. Few months ago I saw an interview on Tv about how a victim who was scammed by HQbroker and couple more, and I had invested over $100k and they have supposedly made me over $1million but now they wanted me to send them more money to pay the Chinese Gov’t taxes before we could get the money back to me. I only had $15k at the time so i sent it to them so that we could get some money released by the Chinese gov’t and then I would send more money to get more money released. I think it seems very fishy that they would require me to pay taxes upfront before releasing money. For months I communicated with Ross Malone(Account manager) there, and he seemed so nice and caring, but after the last payment, he has gone silent and isn’t returning my emails. Now, granted he might be out or sick, but this is seemingly unusual. On reporting my case to Moore Finance Recovery on (352) 888-4615 , they advised me not to send any money to HQbroker and helped me to get the money I had already sent back. Although not all my money was recovered.

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