URGENT: BITCOIN MANIPULATION!!! IGNORE THE FUD! Bitcoin $75k by April 1! Cryptocurrency News!

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  1. When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands, if you really want to make profits out of the money you've got, you have to take it out of your savings account

  2. This isn't smart money right now it's high risk to reward ratio. Wouldn't say this is the dip but the start of a slow retracement been doing this since 2017. The pull back normally comes months to years later when people aren't talking about it . When government issues are occuring and overall markets in all areas are tanking that's when you buy. I'm waiting patiently for the housing crash most people will need money at that point and sell up when unemployment soars and repossessions start occuring. I'm in real estate in the UK and it's already starting to roll over repossessions are happening and sales are coming slower as the stamp duty holiday comes to an end. But hey i could be wrong just my two cents.

  3. When announcement came out and bitcoin started falling got scared and sold of coins at 6k loss. Had 35k in portfolio. Never happen again. My buddy who has over mil in portfolio told me btc has seen 50% drops and never be scared because bounce back. I will never be hustled out of my coins again.

  4. This ponzi is such a long strategy that those who created it or got in early will have lived out unbelievably wealthy natural lives and died incredibly rich by the time the future and those who pay for it arrives.

  5. Big Money is betting on alternating Chart. Up down Up down and somebody won't let drop it below 30.000. Its not scarying dude. They know that people will do the opposite. Big Money is now tricking people to go massevliy into Bitcoin buy using anti and contra logic. IT a Psy OP but the other way around ?? thats the lies and they know very Well what they are doing.

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