URGENT: A Class Action Lawsuit Has Been Filed! This is a Coordinated Attack! [BITCOIN HOLDERS WATCH]

BREAKING: A United States class-action lawsuits have been served against 11 Bitcoin companies in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This may affect you! Follow …


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  1. It has somthing call black market this is garbage! So i lost money in the stock market can they help me suit the government for leting the stock market crash? Stupid lawyer

  2. Look to stake coins to hedge some risk against these volatile markets. ALGO, ATOM and EOS are great for this, ALGO returns 10-15% annually, the highest on Binance.

  3. So whom collects the fine money on these companies? Sorry Central Bankers, your only getting a little piece of pie from we the people………………….to be continued

  4. Who besides the law firm is behind this? Sounds like the banks attempting to make the holding of a currency other than the fiat currencies illegal.

  5. No central banksters are going to allow for a competing digital currency against the one they come up with. They will ban all of them except their own on 5G networks. Cryptos are gonna be zeros. Sont tow the line and they will be shutting off people's digital walleta.

  6. I don’t really care about these trash coins or these exchanges but, I am glad you’re letting us know that these things are happening. Keep up the good work!!

  7. the Lighting Network will have to register as a security network as they centralize anything they get on their network

  8. There is no question. All tokens that are SOLD for money ARE securities. Bitcoin came for 0$. Different thing. So better use only BitCoin, the thing was set in stone and runs clean honest protocol

  9. How the world of oppressed people sits quietly, while their oppressors crush any and all attempts to free them from oppression.

  10. FUD. It’s enough for 1 of the 11 to win and the case is closed and if they want to continue they need to redo all the cases separately. I don’t know how this can be the main news of a crypto channel. I guess fear really sales. ?

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