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  1. From all the crypto channels I am subscribed to, this is the most objective one and I love the research you guys do for the variety of crypto coins which saves me a lot of time or helps me to get deeper into certain matters. Thank you guys, awesome job and hope your channel keeps pumping more subscribers ?

  2. Hello I'm new to bitcoin trade and I have been making huge losses, but recently I see a lot of people earning from it. can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  3. Guys seriously?? I mean i do own a bitcoin bought it exactly after the market crash 2017/2018 at $4300… but seriously $600k? I mean that would change my life… i guess thats why i keep thinking it’s too good to be true ??

  4. I can't wait for countries/goverment to fomo into bitcoin lol. america could have a wet fart bigger than the current market cap of 1trillion(ish) It'll be just like when micro, tesla, paypal/square bought because when 1 country jumps in its going to kick start a whole new era for bitcoin. we'll look back at a 50k bitcoin and we will laugh and cry that it was ever that cheap. It will be worth millions per bitcoin. For the folk that keep telling themselves year after year "damn I wish I would have bought bitcoin then, guess its to late now" It isn't even close to being to late. Take SOME money and turn it into life changing money.

  5. There's a limited supply of tiger crap in the world, it doesn't make it valuable. The us government isn't going to let the dollar be replaced as global currency.

  6. I am thinking the opposite price will be extremely high pre oct 25 and the sec rejects the ETF and we have our blow off too at about 255-300k end of bull market

  7. hi buddy, cool vid

    heard about Enecuum? It is a defi coin which is circulated in its own improved AMM DEX to make DEX market easier to enter . Need to hear your opinion

  8. Inflation adjusted oz price of gold from the
    year 2000 is like $429/oz. So historically
    you're wrong. Gold and silver have flown
    many times beyond inflation in the past 20

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