Unilayer Platform Review/Walkthrough!| DeFi in Cryptocurrency GROWING BIGGER!

As the DeFi industry GROWS, let’s look at a project being called the “The Swiss Army Knife of DeFi”, Unilayer! We will go over the value proposition, the token, …


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  1. Bot accounts are getting much worse guys!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! ?

  2. finally! ive been waiting for this to happen, closest was 1inch with just limits hmmm super exciting news thanks for covering mate

  3. The thing I don't understand and most popular YouTube crypto people do this , even bitboy , and that is tell us about stuff after they have already made money , why didn't you tell us about this when it was . 35cents I mean do you all really want to see others on the same level are keep them a few notches below, but I have found a few YouTubers who put good stuff out there when it's on the ground floor so people reading this keep your eyes open for those kind of channels which are far and few.

  4. Thank you for your daily videos, you give a great view of the whole market. You asked for alt coin suggestions – I bought some Cook Protocol (COOK) a couple of months ago after a pretty convincing youtuber video and now I'm heavily down and wondering if I should top up and wait it out or just get out. Any thoughts would be very welcome. I'm not heavily invested but %wise I'm being killed!

  5. The team behind Unilayer are insane and always exceeding expectations! Layer is a must have in this ecosystem and will open up access to the rest!

  6. Check TreeDefi, it's still early and about to take off! It's a yield farming token that grab a % of transaction fees to plant trees. I've never seen such a professional team! DYOR, about to be big.

  7. Check Elon’s starship bro
    just launch on dex – (elos )she’s blasting off , get in while it’s cheap this will moon or “Mars “for sure ????it’s bullish as so I wouldn’t wait ,early bird 1000x for sure with this launch ?

  8. Love your channel, but, why do you get paid in ETH to sponsor Unilayer? Doesn't it make more sense to get paid in Layer Token since this is so bullish to you? I would appreciate if you can answer that, thanks.

  9. If you use a decentralized exchange are you able to buy coins not offered in US exchanges? Flow for example and if so is it legal?

  10. @ Altcoin Daily. Best channel. I got into unilayer early. Awesome advice.
    Check out Sovryn (sov). Sov is to BTC what uniswap is to ETH and pankakeswap is to binance. It's new and has huge potential.
    2. Goose finance (egg). Decentralized competitor to pancakeswap with better apy's and apps. Releasing AMM end of May.

  11. Thumbs up, man

    Would you say my opinion on ODIN? That’s a great project. Came across smb was discussing it on Twitter. They tell $ODIN is >70% done and ready to launch in June?

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