Top 8 DeFi Altcoins READY to EXPLODE! MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY Cryptocurrency Investors | Ethereum News

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  1. Coming from someone who's had tough luck with online platforms, I once again tried bitcoinsamurai, like I always tried others. And no, unlike others, they didn't let me down

  2. Let us introduce you to a new Defi protocol, the Solid Protocol, we are launching it soon, No ICO, NO PRESALE, NO BIG INVESTOR, only an airdrop for the Solid token itself, and the only way to acquire is buying and selling through the Solid protocol in the future, an evolutionary protocol that acts as a bank aiming to make cryptocurrency less volatile while punishing whales pump and dump market for their own gains.

  3. You are doing nice, dude

    Could you tell me your opinion about JulSwap? Passive earnings vaults with good staking and farming. Self DEX and IDO participation. They have only 1m max supply. What do you think??

  4. Hello dude! this is the best your vid

    Could you make one more about ENQ token. I have been holding it not for a long time but I’m excited how fast I received tokens by mining with phone haha. People must read about it!

  5. good video bro! thumbs up for your job

    I want hear some opinion from you about Graphene mainnet. This is absolutely hyping architecture built with sharding technology and the CASPER consensus protocol. What is your idea about it??

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