Top 8 Cryptocurrency Sleeping Giants Set to Take Off November 2020 | Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

What are the best altcoins to buy in November 2020? Which cryptocurrency is the best investment into 2021? Let’s discuss the latest bitcoin, ethereum, chainlink, …


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  1. Did you guys check out $UBX? UBIX is a gem at a mcap of only $200K; It isn’t just another ERC-20 token but a custom made DAG platform. Team of 22, four ful-ltime developers and worked on for three years. And only at $200K; Moon time incoming!

  2. If you’re tired of getting rugged on pump and dumps check out $SAV3. Pretty much evened out my losses for the last 6 months on it. Based dev, based product

  3. Yfxl a coinbase ieo with only 25000 supply? I think this is competitor of yearn finance.
    Can 1 yfxl token reach to $24000 after launch like yearn finance? Sir this project really eye catching and only few of them are buying yfxl token bags full,since supply is too low.sir plz make a video on yfxl an IEO on coinbase

  4. I’d advise people do research on the Pi Network, which is a new cryptocurrency that you can mine for free on mobile. You can download the Pi app on the app store and Google play. You need an invitation code to make sure you’re not a bot, so feel free to use “Cringeycrisp” when it asks you for one (same as my YouTube username). Obviously do research first though -do not just take my word for it lol.

  5. cool, thanks for this useful video!

    and do you know what duck dao is? I met this platform a few days before and I want to ask your opinion about its future or hear any predictions about DDIM

  6. Great video, I just wanna say this is my first time of trying out the bitcoin trade, I have tried in stock trade investments, but never in cypto. To be honest I do not even know the difference between both, now I wanna try crypto. All I need is a good advise in the right direction and how to begin. That is all I wanna know for now. I do not wanna loose any money.

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