Top 5 Cheap Altcoins To Watch in 2021 | Best Cryptocurrency Investment February | BitBoy Interview

What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021? Top ‘cheap’ altcoins set to explode? As Bitcoin‘s price climbs higher, let’s discuss the best cryptos with …


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  1. Am i hearing him correctly talking about bull cycles…Seems like he is saying use this cycle to make money to put into the next cycle…so closing trades come Sept, and using those funds to buy back in after the drop….?

  2. Think I underestimated bitboy thought at first when started watching I didn't subscribe as thought was quite arrogant and a shiller of coins with pie in sky predictions but great analysis ?great descriptions and theory's and the most important great explanations

  3. weird one i know, but i reckon the guy on the top left smokes weed and the guy on top right doesn't. purely from facial looks

  4. Ethereum Meta up over 91% on the day. On the flightdeck prepping for the moon. Been a bumpy ride but orbits inevitable. ETHM just getting started.

  5. So, what were the 5?

    I only remember him saying:

    SmartKey (SKEY)
    AllianceBlock (ALBT)
    Sandbox (SAND)

    I guess the other 2 he’s big on would be ETH and ADA.

  6. OK Beginner question what does Ben mean when he says go over to stable coins when you crypto is about to peak, the ride out the bear market and then buy back in at the bottom? I mean I know what he's talking about but dont you get taxed if you sell and buy stable coins?

  7. Shiller and scammer pushing, nice. So annoying predicitons with absolute shitcoins and Bitboy earns minimum one BTC for that callout. Shame on you..

  8. Seems like Elon saw this and decided to start the bear market early. This didn't age well. So far.

  9. He did lose me once he started talking about NFT scam stuff. Prey on parents through their kids.

  10. oh cool ! I love this interview and I remeber BitBoy talking OGN not long ago, probably not as cheap anymore but still a good addition in my opinion !

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